Photohunters - Road

Photohunters – Road

I took these pictures a couple of years back. It was pouring heavily one day and so happen i was snapping pictures with my then brand new handphone. It rained so heavily that within twenty minutes or so, it flood the road.

… and it was like this for the following few hours. Pity to those who parked their vehicle on that particular road.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

P/S: Russell Peters is coming over to Singapore ! :P To those who aren’t familiar with him, check out his video below :)


  1. Great post for a flooded road… Haven’t post or snapshot mine yet. Will post mine tonight. :D

    Russell Peter, haha… I was introduced by my classmate few years back, watched his videos and I can say, he’s extremely funny, a great speaker too!

  2. hey bro!! you goin for russel peter ar??? LOL… Daniel and I were just talking over it during our yum cha session few days ago!! LOL.. you know how much??

  3. andrew: yes yes planning to go if possible. cause i will be in singapore around that time. eh if you are going tell me ya :D