I am free …

Finally i am freeeeeeeeeeee. Well for next 2 weeks at least and then it’s back to square one. Been deprived of sleep for the past few days and yesterday i had some major hibernation done but i still woke up with a zing in my head. It has gotten worse and now i am carrying around an awful headache.

So while i am here sitting and typing this entry, my parents are actually preparing for their Japan trip. At first when i was told that they were going to Japan, i was excited …. thinking that i would be going as well -_-” But i was given strict instructions to man the house as well as being driver to my brother.

And if that’s not bad enough, i have to do chores and go to the market to prepare for Deepavali.

I really don’t mind doing all this for the sake of a big ass angpow my family. Hehehe.

This time around when i am in Penang, i can’t be roaming around and eating like a bear because three weeks from now William and i will be participating in Genting Trailblazer. So i wouldn’t want to look like a cow running thru the forest.

I am finally playing with my DSLR again :D All this time, i had neglected it cause of time constraint. One of the questions that i usually get is, if the photos in my blog are solely from my DSLR camera … and the answer is no :) My trusty handphone does it’s job whenever i have to travel light.

Yikes i am already late, 10 more minutes before WIlliam shows up for lunch >_<!

Happy Lunching everyone :)


  1. neo: :P it was along LDP yesterday :D

    chunhuey: hahaha yes yes next week all i should be terrorizing penang, hohoho :P

  2. sleep too much will get headache too….
    aih, those were the days..the exam period =.=

    keep fit keep fit…
    don’t be the last to reach the finish point a. haha! :D

  3. ooo.. Satkuru KINGSTON Nadaesan is back d ar? LOLOLOLOL~

    whua… got big angpow huh? can treat eat d lor.. LOLOLOL~