Photohunters - Family

Photohunters – Family

It will be close to 3 months since i have seen my brother let alone my family. Coming this monday, i would finally get to be back at my hometown for a good two weeks break before returning back to KL. Just as i am dying for holidays, my parents left for Japan and left me to manage the running arounds that my mum used to do and the accounts for the clinic that my dad manages. LOL i guess my 2 weeks holiday isn’t a ‘real’ holiday after all.

As i have said in previous entries, it’s very rare that any of my family members make it on to the face of my blog except for my sister …

So here’s the other brother of mine with my mum at the far right.

I have used this photo for one of the themes before :P My parents looking out for a house somewhere in Penang and the lady with the black sleeves was kind enough to show us all the showrooms :)

Though i have said earlier that my holiday isn’t a real holiday after all but being with my family is all that matters to me …

… and as how Dorothy of Wizard of Oz puts it, “There’s no place like home.”

Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. Heh, your parent must be attracted by Tanjung Pinang :P. Those houses were nicely designed but hell expensive.

    Did the black sleeve lady showed you the Villa by the sea”? :)

    Nice theme without revealing your family member’s faces :P

  2. lol…all back shots…

    yes, i miss home and husky too… cant wait to go back this coming friday! Wheeee~ :P