Photohunters - Lazy

Photohunters – Lazy

Probably the only time where i couldn’t care less about what was happening in the real world was during my recent Redang trip. Not only did i switch of my phone most of the times so that no one would bug me, i also lazed around. Taking a break from my usual hectic shedule was what i needed at that point of time.

Had i gone home and done the exact same thing, i would definitely be called a lazy bum by my mum, lol. So i carried all my lazy-ness with me and used it well on this small Redang island :P I was soooo lazy that at one point i didn’t want to leave my bed for lunch. Well that’s until William came barging into the room, making sure i was out of bed -_-” LOL. Speaking of William, i wanna thank him for the above taken photos :)

Any of you following the presidential debate in the US ? :P

Have a great weekend everyone … !


  1. Those are fabulous photos!
    I can imagine that you are able to be lazy on that island ;)

    Yes – even we in Sweden are following the presidential debate in the US. We are watching the CNBC every evening now :(

    I wish you a great weekend!

  2. Randi: hey hey :P yes i was lazing around like there’s no tmr. LOL even i am hooked to cnbc. either way, this coming election is gonna be interesting i guess

    chunhuey: lol yes me iz early :) yeahhhh hilang lohhhh. so i replaced with the standard one for the time being, sob sob :(

  3. i see lazyyy bum with hairy legs.. lalaaaa~

    miss the time we had there… whole geng running, chatting, taking pics, laughing like nobody business.. very very relaxing indeed…

  4. Oh, I would want to be there!

    Some of the beaches here look like that but these are a bit far from us (lets say a plane ride or the nearest is 8-10hours) so we are just too lazy to go there anymore, hehehe…

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want to do just that!!!

    Mine’s a lazy ‘nut caper’ this week, somebody’s grabbing my nuts and running away! Come on by to have a look see if you can find time.

    Happy weekend.

  6. hey…yea i know u..
    thanks for the birthday wish
    were those pics taken in redang??
    i shud go redang someday..i just got back from pangkor :)