Photohunters - Sad

Photohunters – Sad

I wouldn’t say that i have a sad look but i was pretty sure that deep inside me i was sad, lol. I mean first i get a headshot and followed by a butt shot in a game of paintball, all thanks to Wendy. The pain was bearable but not until Vingie shot me.

It happened like this. The round was over and we were all walking out. As i removed my vest, Vingie gave a shot directly to my chest :P The impact was so strong that it swell and looked like i had a third nipple for a few days.

Have any of you played paintball before ?

More pictures from the battlegorund :P


  1. I like the part you mentioned 3rd nipple! :D really sad.

    I played twice, and I like paintball very much! I had my bruises posted in my blog 2 months ago and that’s really hurt. I wish to play it again. :D

  2. Haha! So cute your face. Btw me is skipping the hunt this week since the hosting still not stable. That’s my sad case. >.<

  3. lol… u looked like u are very the happy… ahahaha… anyway, i just played paintball like 2 weeks ago… free from getting shots too.. since i hid myself well… XD

  4. ganas, i haven’t try paintball still..but scared to try after reading your post.

    aiseh, 3rd nipple?! haha, same fate as Chandler from ‘Friends’. :P

    moral of the story: treat ur friends nicely while you can…until you reach the ‘war-field’ *LOL*

  5. Nice job of trying to look sad although I think I see a smile at the edges of your mouth. ;-) But getting hit with that paintball sounds painful! Ouch. Now that’s sad.

    Nice choice for The Hunt.

  6. hahaha…so cute la your face…never seen your face this cute before .. ;p
    lol…heheh u reallly remind me of my little chilonese cousin, that fella really looks like u, just that he’s a small version, lol

  7. haha..

    paintball few bruises from those bullets. one week baru hilang those bruises.but at least my team won..hehehe