specs in the 70s era

Full House NZX Ara Damansara

I was rushing for things to be done when Jess messaged me asking where should we celebrate William‘s bday as well as Angeline‘s farewell. She threw in a couple of ideas before i told her that i saw this entry written by Crystal that caught my attention. I had no idea where was this place and asked Jess if that would be ideal and that’s when i found out that she had being going there so often that it was like her second home.

ok i made that up.

But anyway, we decided to go there and after searching for directions via google maps, we found out NZX or better known as Niu Ze Xui was somewhere near Angeline’s place.

I called up to make a reservation and was greeted with a rather disorientated waiter who sounded like he had no clue on what he had to do and asked me to hang on -_-!

I wasn’t worked up or anything. I simply made an assumption that he could be someone new in his job and i am just gonna let it slide.

The day finally came and the attendees were Angeline, William, Jess, Steven, Aaron, Crystal, Wai Seng and me. As we reached the place, Aaron was already waiting for us. Judging from the amount of people who were sited on a weekday, i must say this place is doing quite well. We were ushered to our table and then were given menus after other tables had finished ordering their meals. I was told that they had a shortage of menus and that’s how things are done.

The first thing that caught my eye was the setting. I first got a glimpse of Full House from Crystal’s blog and was already taken up or rather puzzled because i couldn’t figure out if it was a boutique or a cafe.

Our orders were taken not to long after that but after overhearing the table behind us, i knew the orders would take quite sometime to reach. One of the patrons even raised his voice asking where’s his food. To our surprise one by one our orders started appearing … except for the celebrated one’s, Angeline and William.

Both of their chickens decided not to turn up.

As the saying goes, ” A hungry man is an angry man.”

… and that’s how WIlliam became … well maybe to a certain extend.

So to keep things in order Jess decided to give William and Angeline their presents just to buy some time. Things didn’t go so well when Wai Seng’s and Crystal’s orders came to our table. Why you must asking, that’s because both of them came so much later than the rest of us. Aaron even had his second helping :P

A game of ‘bluff’ didn’t help either.

Noticing that there were quite a number of specs on display nearby us, i brought it over and one thing led to another, we started goofing around. Hence the first picture.

William channeled all his anger to his face … LOL

Then Jess and Aaron followed suit with the black framed specs … :P

Pictures were taken from all angles :P

That lasted for a while and William snapped right back into his angry mode. It was like Jeckle and Hyde. He summoned the manager and just as he was about to complain, the food finally arrived.

To be truthful the whole place was chaotic. We weren’t the only table affected with delayed orders and sub-standard services, in fact almost every table i saw had something to complain about. The staffs themselves had personal feud amongst themselves and it’s ridiculous to see them acting as such. One of the waiters approached one of the floor managers and showed him something on the tray. I couldn’t really see as it was way above my head. The next thing i knew, the floor manager picked it up and threw it to the counter -_-! The waiter with the dejected face walked off and retrieve it from where it was.

It was like watching Kitchen Nightmare in real life minus Gordon Ramsey.

Being a positive bunch of hippies people, we walked around their boutique and enjoyed ourselves. Like i previously mentioned, this place has a great atmosphere but they are just lacking the service. Probably they were just having one of ‘those days’ where everything goes wrong.

Noticed the fella behind the counter ? I think he is some sort of manager or floor manager. He is probably hired to apologize rather than straightening things up. All i have ever seen him do is listen to what patrons got to complain, he apologizes profusely and then he says something into his bodyguard-looking walkie talkie -_-!

I am not sure if he got used to the complains that he doesn’t really care because the place is always full, hence Full House >_<! Or he just doesn’t know what to do from there on.

As we were lining up, the bunch of people in front of us told him off …

This is the first and last time we are coming here. Terrible service …

At that point of time, we just couldn’t be bothered. We just wanted to pay and leave that place as soon as possible.

Upon leaving, we saw an unused Mini in front of their entrance and Wai Seng decided it was his turn to make a scene … LOL

If you are ever at Niu Ze Xui, you can always drop by Full House :) Hopefully by then their service would improve cause if it doesn’t, you can opt for Station 1 Cafe :)