Singapore and Brunei

Malaysian Ringgit had the same value as Singaporean Dollar

Well that’s what one Singaporean lady told me when i was queueing at Burger King for my lunch. I was actually at Singapore Expo that particular day and since it was lunch hour, i thought of giving Burger King a try since they do serve pork compared to Malaysia.

So as i was lining up, i took my wallet off to reach for a ten dollar bill. I was scanning through the notes until i came to an orangish, yellowish bill. As i pulled it out my eyes grew larger and larger till it clearly showed …

“$10 – Sepuluh Ringgit Negara Brunei”

I was like goodness gracious, where’s the 10 dollar Sing that was suppose to be there.

My reaction was so noticable that a lady on the next queue patted my shoulder and said not to worry, the value is the same as Singaporean Dollar.

I sighed in relief and said, “Really ? That was a close call.”


Then i was given a brief history lesson about currencies by this lady :)

Once upon a time, when your parents were still in their teens …. (ok i made that up). Many decades ago, when Malaysia was just formed, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore had this agreement that their currencies can be used in each other’s country. Malaysian Ringgit had the same value as Singaporean Dollar and so with Brunei’s currency.

OOooooo, i didn’t know that.

Yeap but later on the value of the Ringgit dropped and the agreement was void or something like that. But as for Brunei and Singapore, we still do practise this especially in bigger shops. I am not sure if Sundry shops would accept.

To be frank, i never knew about this till this lady explained. When i was back at home, i told my parents about it since they have been going to Singapore quite often and they thought i knew about this :P I have been going to Singapore as often as going to KL in my younger years, simply because most of my aunts and uncle are residing there. But this incident never came across me at any point of time.

I guess I learned more when i have to fork out my own money rather then relying on FAMA (Father’s And Mother’s Account)

So to those out there, who didn’t know about this …. well now you know :P


  1. oh yes it has d same value :) has been using em vice versa in both countries since, erm, forever^^
    brunei$ in singapore
    singapore$ in brunei
    in the sundry shop, yes it is still applicable.

  2. fara: i seriously didn’t know. even a few friends of mine who have been working there for quite sometime too didn’t realize about this :P

    ooo sundry shops too accept it? interesting :D

  3. Thanks for the history and finance lesson. the same goes to HKD and MOP(Macao Currency). They accept HKD in Macau but you are on the losing end as the value of HKD is higher than MOP.

  4. Er, I don’t think it is. RM10 is not the same as SG$10. 10 Brunei dollar has around the same value as 10 Singapore dollar, so maybe they accept it. Not Ringgit. Maybe I will try this trick whenever I went to Singapore. I doubt this is even remotely true. Singaporean can now go exchange all their money into Ringgit and use it? Wow!

  5. firewire: wooo i didn’t know that :P so at least the next time if i do go to hk or macau, i will know :D

    LOLsim: hehehe i never said it was the same now, what the lady meant was a long time ago :) that’s why my title says, HAD the same value :D

    bryan: LOLOL sure or not :P

    andrew: aiseh, yesterday never join us. we all iz sedihs

    narrowband: hahahahah yeap. wanna bring out also dunno if anyone would wanna change :P

  6. not surprising.. knew about it looooong time ago.
    It was really good shopping time when m’sia currency was e same rate as s’pore n brunei.

    haiz.. miz those time

  7. I’m amazed at how some ppl could entirely miss out the essence of the post and jump straight to a whole new conclusion. lol

    Anyway, i didn’t know the Brunei dollar is accepted in Singapore though i do know that they have the same value.

    It’s even more confusing in Switzerland where they have their own Swiss franc currency while the rest of the countries surrounding it use the Euro. They accept Euros as legal tenders but only Euro notes, they do not accept coins and they will return your change (if any) in Swiss Franc.