The first hurdle

Penang, Skytrex, Penang, Penang

These past few weeks i have been busy with traveling up and down from Penang and KL that i have neglected my blog for quite sometime. Somehow or rather, i still managed to slip in an entry or two before it starts piling up like a few months back.

Last Thursday, William and i attended the relaunching of Zouk which was under renovation for quite sometime. There was a huge crowd waiting at the entrance though there was a light shower and once the opening act was done, everyone rushed in :) I even met a couple of former course mates and we all rolled together since one of them is familiar with the place.

We left close to 1am plus.

… the following day i was off to Penang to meet up with MMU’s hockey team to snap a few pictures for them. As much as i try not to return home often but for some reason, i just love being at home especially ever since my bed over here is kinda pointless. It’s as good as sleeping on the floor. Ever since i shifted i have tried to find reasons to be back in Penang :P

Same goes for this weekend and the following weekend.

This weekend i will be joinig Bernard and Chiaw Yin in Penang Food Hunt. I am not really sure what are we suppose to do but the idea of being in Penang and food never made me think twice :P I remembered reading about it on a blog that is heavily publicized by Eunice. I found out Jiin is joining too, lol.

The following weekend i would be attending this event, ‘What a Bloggiful World!‘. Ai Ling messaged me and asked if would be able to make it. So happened that would be the last time i would be back in Penang for 2008 before eventually returning a week before my Cambodia trip early in 2009.

For those who has no clue on what this event is about can find out more at RoundEgg.

It’s a gathering for bloggers by bloggers and mind you, looking at the list of sponsors you would definitely be taken up. So if you are free that weekend, regardless where ever you are do try to come :)

Venue : Paradise Beach Resort
Date : 14th December 2008
Time : 12pm sharp
Attire : Smart Casual
Registration : RM10

I am pretty sure you would be wondering what about the food …. Ai Ling confirmed that it would be a buffet, an international buffet to be exact. Ten bucks is definitely a bargain, especially when you get to have an international buffet as well as meet up with new people.

For more detailed questions, go bug Ai Ling. LOL

Oh ya, did i say i was at Skytrex a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t manage to get much pictures cause i was too busy struggling to balance myself on eye blinding ropes, LOL. I must say it was one heck of a work out and i personally love the flying fox. There wasn’t only one but many flying fox.

I will write a more detailed entry of Skytrex soon :) For information and bookings, you can contact Julian at 013-2769841. Please call a few days before you go and not on that same day itself :P


  1. ooo.. back to penang bcz of that only la? :P

    the second last pic is the valid proof of mr leong loves meow.. *runnnzzzzz…

  2. william: yeahhhh, you iz evilz. lol

    angeline: ok lorrrrrrrr. i was back in penang for the food as well :( hehehe

    yes mr leong loves meow in a wrong way

  3. jess: kitty kena molest. never mind next time when the new course open liao, we shall go again. and also frim :D and also char siew fan :D

  4. wah satkuru…the ladder looks scary man… but pretty exciting! I like this adventurous thingy.

    where is this skytrex anyway?

    p/s i saw u holding a nice DSLR…wat model issit anyway… i’d like to consider of buying one also..any pointers?


  5. firewire: yesssss it was really a good work out :P next time you also tag along ya :D

    desmond: skytrex is near the shah alam forest reserve enclosure. wooooo you also getting dslr ? yes got a few pointers for you :P will mail you once i am back from penang :D