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What a Bloggiful World

 Bloggiful - Registration Counter

Last week i was fortunate enough to be back in Penang for the 4th consecutive weekend and i was back mainly because needed to get some things for my thesis as well as attend a Penang Blogger’s Meet which is known as What a Bloggiful World.

The venue was Paradise Sandy Beach Resort which coincidentally was the same venue for the Penang Food Hunt which i have yet to blog about :P

Upon reaching, i was greeted by Chee Hsien and Imin who were in charged of the Registration booth. Dolphin and I reached quite early and there were barely anyone in the hall.

Ceddy & Minny

Ceddy and Minny who were the emcees for the event :)

the hall

Though the time stated was 12pm sharp but as usual some had their watches set to half an hour slower. But sooner or later, the hall did fill up. To be frank, i had my doubts at the beginning but i was proved other wise. The decoration of the hall was not how i imagined and it was more like a prom themed hall. I felt under-dressed -_-!

Our table

Our table consisted of Shouters from and other bloggers.


Charleskey’s dad, dropped by our table to chat :)


Jolene, ChenSeng and Angeline

Adelene and friends

Adelene and friends …. school mates if i am not mistaken.

The program finally started with speeches from the emcees,  main organizer and also the VIP. Which was followed by a 3 segment show by Celebrity Fitness which caught everyone off-guard. Probably no one expected such a performance by the gym instructors, lol.

Belly Dance

Three belly dancers appeared before our eyes on the stage and so were the amount of photographers who gathered right in front of the stage -_-! and that includes me, lol. For some reason i had a gut feeling that i was constantly being monitored by dolphin, hahaha.

Body combat

One of the performers for Body Combat which was more like doing taekwando or karate moves according to music.

Hip Hop Dance

Then it was Hip Hop dance and i have to say my photo didn’t really justify the swift movements the 3 girls showed but this was the only shot i took of them before returning to my seat.

Charles sabo

Organizer and YB

During the officiating ceremony, Charles decided to sabotage while i was trying to get a shot of the people on the stage -_-! lol


Lining up for food :P

December babies

This was probably the cheesiest part of them all, celebrating for the December babies. But it didn’t really matter cause it just added more fun to the function and so happened the YB’s birthday falls on December as well.


touch the knife

Then everyone was asked to touch the knife for good luck


There was also games and 10 lucky people were chosen. They would each performed whatever that’s stated in the piece of paper given to them in exchange of a RM50 reload by Digi.


Mark was asked to pout like Angelina Jolie :P

Please the girl

I can’t recall what he was suppose to do but i know Minny jual mahal like there’s no tomorrow, lol.


Eunice was also there and she had to act out if a blackout occurred while blogging :)

Pose with your camera

Erica was asked to pose 10 times different if she were to take pictures of herself.

Probably you would notice a lot of the pictures were blur -_-! Sigh, i need steady hands.

There were lucky draws right after the games and prizes were worth RM 10k if i am not mistaken.

Chee Hsien

What a Bloggiful World

What a Bloggiful World

We took a group photo before leaving.

For more detailed writing on What a Bloggiful Worl, drop by Emily’s :P

I will be posting the rest of the pictures on my facebook, so look out ya :)


  1. For some reason i had a gut feeling that i was constantly being monitored by dark knight when the performers did the combat moves.


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  3. ‘The decoration of the hall was not how i imagined and it was more like a prom themed hall. I felt under-dressed -_-!’
    It’s sooo true!! And being a girl, its intimidating being under-dressed… Even worse, with zero make-up some more… *sigh*