Garden Cafe @ One U

Garden Cafe 1 Utama

Garden Cafe @ One U

More than a month back, i was in 1 Utama trying to get myself a pair of Puteri Gunung Ledang tickets when i came across this place. At one glance it reminded me of Full House in Niu Ze Xui. Jess and Steven were with me that time and they told me it’s a new place and it’s handled by the Mei San‘s sister who so happened handles Full House too. That was the first time i have seen Garden Cafe and the second time was when i met up with a few of the Malaysian Dream Girl Contributors.

Debra told me that the service was bad when she dropped by not too long back. If my memory serves me well, she said she ordered for lamb and she got something else. They did change to her actual order but of course the mood was already gone by then.

Group photo

Last weekend i had the chance to be in at the Garden Cafe, courtesy of Mei San and her sister. It’s located near Studio R at the new wing. I was there with Jess, Steven and William. The others who came by were Johnathan, William Diong, Denise and Xin Wei.

I was later introduced to Mei San’s sister who was running the place and i was told to order what ever i wanted on menu as it was on the house *grins*. By default i would have naturally gone for the most expensive meal, lol but then again i did wanted to try their recommended ones.

Lamb Shank

… to my luck, there was Lamb Shank on the menu and it was recommended. I ordered that and an ice lemon tea to go with. I am pretty sure i am gonna get nice nagging from Dolphin this coming weekend >.<!

Back to the lambbbbbb, it was really nice. The meat conveniently drops off in flakes which made it even easier to eat. The gravvy definitely did compliment the lamb, so both of it did turn out well. The mashpotato wasn’t too bad, though part of it at the bottom wasn’t cooked properly. As for the side veg, i just felt it was akward having it together with the lamb. But whatever it is, the lamb was cooked to my liking and i personally would recommend it to any lamb lover :P I was stuffed after walloping the whole plate.

Spaghetti Seafood Olio

William and Jess had Spaghetti Seafood Olio. I did try some of it but i think the Lamb Shank gravvy was too strong for me to even taste anything on the spaghetti :P

Chicken Cutlets

Steven had chicken cutlet and from the looks of it, i think i would have easily finished it.

Overall the menu had a variety of western and local food but comparing it to Full House, i think Garden Cafe could probably add in a few more. Even after writing about the bad experience i had at Full House but i have to say their menu has slightly more variety.

Cakes anyone ?

Mei San then did something that i always wanted to do which is order everything off the menu, LOL. I mean everything off the dessert menu, not the meal menu >.<!

Of course i never took her seriously until i saw the waiters bringing plates after plates of cakes and sorbet. To be frank, i am not a big fan of cakes unless …. unless it’s cheesecake. But as we tried one by one, i did like a couple of it. Mainly the cheesecake >.<! and one of the chocolate cakes.

Just when i thought the dessert ends there, the waiters brought …

Coconut Sorbet

…. sorbets. I particularly liked the coconut sorbet.

Orange Sorbet

The girls however preferred the more sour ones like this orange sorbet and the lemon sorbet. The lemon sorbet tasted more like Hi-Sour sweets, especially when you first put it in your mouth. It was eye-rolling sourish >.<! Each of the sorbet was priced at RM 9.90 and if you ever have the chance, do try it. Try something different for a change :)

Garden theme

I like this setting where it looked like a patio with vines growing all around. The garden theme was definitely felt through out the cafe and it’s definitely a head turner for anyone who passes this area in 1 utama.


Just like Full House, Garden Cafe is a boutique cafe where the boutique and the cafe are fused but it isn’t as obvious as Full House cause the boutique here has it’s own space. Now to think of it, i am wondering how come we didn’t go to their boutique to check out what they have …. -_-!

Mei San

Mei San

Mei San's sister

Mei San’s sister number 2 (middle) was also there with her peers. For some reason sister number 2 sounds like the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia, where there were Brother number 1, brother number 2, etc. LOL.


The Chef was busy moving around checking orders when i tried to take a picture of him :)

Mei San's niece

Mei San’s sister then appeared with her daughter and mum. Everyone whipped out their cameras and fired away, LOL. She eventually cried because someone had their focusing lamp on.

Thank you

I would to thank Mei San and Mei San’s sister for inviting us at the Garden Cafe for dinner. I did enjoy myself and i have to say the service here is wayyyyyyyy better than Full House. Doesn’t mean that we were on extra care because the boss herself invited us but i could see the other patrons didn’t have any problems like what i saw at Full House.

If you are ever at 1 utama, do drop by ;)


  1. wah, manyak efficient woh. :O
    the cafe is attach with Voir gallery. not their personal boutique. :)

    i noe my focusing lamp bad laa.. :(
    paiseh o, noob ma >.<

  2. ehem… what I will scold u? U dont eat that daily can d.. Bleks.

    and how come I didn’t know that u like cheesecake gehhhh….. ><

  3. wooooo~ yummy! great photos there bro!! =D and the one saewei’s wedding in 50mm clicks… best! LOL +D new schedule for MDG.. haha see you soon!

  4. jess: hahaha ban ban learn

    angeline: go learn how to make cheesecake ….. and char siew pao …. and wan tan mee ….. and lamb shank

    saewei: definitely nice place. once ur bb can move around then can go kai kai there :P

    andrew: oooo thanks thanks, hehehe. see you in mist man !

    xin: thanks ! hehehe good enviroment to meet up with friends and yak all about :)

    crystal: eh you also lamb lover ?! ooooo finally found another kaki, rofl

    aaron: what’s ur msn ? :P

    agnes: hey agnes, thanks thank. hehehe

  5. Hi satkuru,
    do you have any of their contact number or email? Appreciate if you could provide me the email address or the person who i can contact.

    I am actually so interested to held an event at this Garden Cafe. Appreciate if you have any contact of them.

  6. Hi satkuru,
    Do you have any email address/contact number for me to arrange with the person in charge. Im so interested in this Garden cade, and planning to held an event over there.

    Appreciate if you can provide me so i can discuss furhter~ Thankzz..

  7. Hi Satkuru,
    Garden Cafe looks fantastic! Just wondering, is it halal? Do you know? And is the one in the Curve the same as this one in 1-Utama?


  8. hi Satkuru,

    Can i have Gardens Cafe The curve contact number and email address?
    I plan to have a pre-wedding photography there.Mind to send me the detail?Thank you.

  9. hey .. would it be possible for u to email me the name,phone no.. and/or email.. hehe .. i plan to make a gathering … possibly at the curve outlet…=),, plaease and thanks !! awesome blofg

  10. mArvelous!!!ExcElLent!!!pErfEct!!!..thAt whAt cAn I sAy right n0w………tq gUyz 4 ur sErvicE n greAt f0od..wE will c0m AgAin…

  11. hye can u email me the garden’s contact no and email add?million thanks Satkuru…..