The Chronicles of Cambodia 3: From south to north

Notice on Killing Fields

Now that my blog is finally UP Arghhhh for some reason this entry disappeared no thanks to the propogation delay -_-! Anyway i shall continue where i left on Phnom Penh. We were still on the Killing Fields and i didn’t feel all that confortable reading signs after signs indicating what had happened here during the Khmer Rouge. The cold breeze just made matters more eery than usual. This particular tree had a loudspeaker on it for a purpose …

Notice enlarged

… which is to drown the voices of the victims as they were executed in mass.

Victims at the Killing Fields

We later went into the building that stored all the remainings of the victims. Here’s William snapping with Angeline observing the skulls. I didn’t take any though :) I had to ration my memory card so that it could last me the whole trip which didn’t happened as i had to borrow 2Gb from Aaron.

Having barely 2 hours or so before our bus departs for Siem Reap, we rushed back.

Central market

Since we had time to spare, we roamed in Phnom Penh to find for lunch. We agreed to go to the Central market since it would be a good place to seek for food. But the thing is, the market in Phnom Penh isn’t exactly how we would see back here in Malaysia. The market was basically a market only, selling meat, vegetables, everyday utensils, previous stones, etc. There was no sign of hawker food, ROFL.

We left the market and walked to a few nearby mainroads.

Bak kut teh anyone ?

We then came across this shop and i heard someone said, let’s have lunch here.

bang wall

LOL. The thing about Phnom Penh is, if there’s a Bak Kut Teh shop here then the whole row would have BKT all over. Same goes for mechanics, sundry shop and also hawker food which we were yet to find any >.<!

We headed back to our rooms and decided to board the bus, in the hopes of finding something to bite on the way there.

French loaf everywhere

There was this bread stand, i mean a few bread stand in front of the bus we were boarding and so we grabbed whatever we wanted. Igot myself a french loaf and asked the lady if it was empty or had anything in it. To my avail, we had some major communication barrier, lol.

Every where you go in Phnom Penh, you can easily find bread stands or even bakeries which have loads and loads of french loaves. I guess the French definitely did leave something behind when were in control of Cambodia.

Best Pork Floss French Loaf

After settling down in the bus, i finally had a bite and i tell you, it was one of the best french loaves i have ever had. Maybe because i was too hungry but for that price and to have pork floss in it, it was definitely worth it.

That ended up as my lunch.

The bus journey took about 7-8 hours if my memories serves me well. It was a 2+2 seating arrangement and it was one heck of a experience travelling with the locals. Even the movie played in the bus was a freaking eye opener. Hahaha. I quickly dozed off once i had my lunch but i was awaken to the sounds of the blaring monospeaker tv where it was showing a fighting scene from a local movie. I didn’t know basketball moves and gymnastics could be the basis of a fighting scene in any movie :P Taking a glance around, i could see how the locals were hooked to the tv set.

We did stop at their rest stop and it was just a normal shed with one stall and a sundry shop. We would try just about anything since we were in Cambodia and so we bought ice creams …

… just to find out it was packed in Malaysia.

bang wall


We arrived Siem Reap when the sun was setting. As we got down from the bus, Emily yelled at me …

“Eh somebody the other side is holding a sign with your name on it.”

It was the driver who was assigned to be with us for the next 4 days in Siem Reap. I was actually prepared with other contacts in case the person whom i have been emailing back and forth for months didn’t turn. You know la, anything thru the net isn’t always guaranteed.Jasmine Lodge Siem Reap

The room Jasmine LodgeFor USD 4.25 a night, we stayed comfortably at Jasmine Lodge. We were all divided the same way in Phnom Penh, where the girls and the guys had their own room. I stayed at the top floor and we even had our own lazy chair. Jasmine lodge is way wayyyy better than our accommodation in Phnom Penh and their hospitality was even better. Breakfast was included as well as free wifi. Now that’s definitely a bargain for any backpackers.

Walking around Siem Reap

By the time we washed up and got ready it was already 8 something and we walked towards the town in search for food. Siem Reap is very different compared to Phnom Penh. It feels safe to walking at night.

After walking for more than 15mins, we finally decided where to eat.


The food was quite good and if i am not mistaken i ended up paying USD 4 plus, for the rice with pork and coconut shake. Some of us ordered mee soup which had lots of ajinomoto, lol.

Since we were already near the town center, we continued exploring the night life in Siem Reap

Shoes anyone ?

The girls totally zoned out when we came across a shoe shop ala Vincci/Voir/Nose. Eventhough it was cheaper with the current sales, the girls decided to leave empty handed :)

Of course that didn’t last for long …. LOL. I will tell you why later.

Central Market

The central market was still operating so we had a look and slowly everyone started buying things like shirts, scarfs, elephant bags. Hahaha. I got my Cambodia shirt for USD 1.25.

Oh my gawdddd

Ai Ling and Emily made friends with this lady who had a unique way of saying, “Oh my gawdddddd.” ROFLMAO

Emily ended up saying that for the rest of the trip, she would just OMG anyone out of the blue, hahaha


Before leaving the town, we went to one of the sundry shops to get a few things. At the same time, we also did a price comparison with a few things, like liquor, chocolate, etc.

A few of us did become hungry when we reached back, so we walked to a nearby roadside stall and had supper.


Emily and I ordered this special fruit thingy. We just didn’t know that special means sprinkling milo all over the fruits >.<!

HAhahaha it tasted funny.

That’s the first night in Siem Reap. To be continued soon …

P/S: My blog is having some sort of problem, so please bear with me as i update a few things before posting the coming entries. In the mean time, do drop by Malaysian Dream Girl’s site to catch the latest episode of season 2 :)


  1. silamat pagi mr soh. hahahaha that’s what i thought, milo on fruits ? @_@

    emily, hahahaha apa lar u :P

    crystal, yeap yeap. it was a bargain to get that place with such good service :P

    andrew: LOL you say leh ?