Phnom Penh central market

The Chronicles of Cambodia 3: Klang Bak Kut Teh

The top 5 girls of MalaysianDreamGirl had their photoshoot at Tunehotel, LCCT. It was a non elimination round before that and everyone was taken by surprise. So who do you reckoned will be cut off this coming Tuesday ? Btw check out the entry i wrote on their Marie France Bodyline Photoshoot.

I have also updated the extra photos in my gallery ;)

Phnom Penh central market

After the Killing Fields, we rushed back to get our things packed and we roamed around in Phnom Penh in search of lunch. Easiest way was to find for their central market and that’s we did exactly. But to our dismay, there’s weren’t stalls nor hawker to be found. Unlike Malaysia where there would be plenty of food found around the market area, Phnom Penh wasn’t like that.

Knowing that we have less than an hour to get back to catch our bus out of Phnom Penh, we walked along their main roads.

And what did we find ? …




Klang Bak Kut Teh goes international

Bak Kut Teh >.<!

Someone even suggested to try. LOL that would be the lowest point if we did actually have BKT for lunch. No No the lowest point would be Aaron having bak kut teh in Phnom Penh ! Hahahaha that’s because he is from Klang and that would be ironic.

Bread is everywhere

In the end we had nothing for lunch. But on the way to the bus, we saw a lot of bread stalls beside the bus and all of us bought something that could last us throughout the 6 hour journey.

I had a hard time communicating with the lady selling the bread. I kept asking what’s inside the french loaf and all she did was show the good sign >.<!

I was hoping it isn’t beef cause i don’t eat beef. So to be safe, i bought a few other types …. just in case :)

The we boarded were packed with locals and it was really fun. The bus had a typical 2+2 seating arrangement and it was fully air conditioned. I sat with Dolphin.

The best french loaf!

When lady gave me the thumbs up sign when i asked her what’s in the bread, she really meant it cause it was very VERY delicious ! Really missed eating that bread. It had pork floss in it and it was da BOMB ! 50 cents US is what it cost.

I dozed off immediately after eating and woke up to the noise of people fighting. It was the tv and it was showing the latest fighting flick. I understood nothing. Hahaha.

All i knew was the locals were so hooked to it that majority weren’t even sleeping. I turned around to see if any of us were awake and i noticed Aaron and Emily had that @_@ look as the movie was played. LOL

We stopped in the middle of their journey and i guess i am appreciating our Stops on North South Highway even more. While waiting for the other passengers to board, we had ice cream …

… just to find out that it’s packed in Shah Alam >.<!

The journey carried on and this time i didn’t sleep much. The scenary of small towns were something similar to India’s small villages. As the sun was setting, it got dark pretty fast. Just before 7, we arrived at the bus stop.

“Satkuru ! Someone is holding a paper with your name on it ! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

That was Emily, ROFL. And so i asked the guy who was holding up my name and i found out he was the driver that i arranged a couple of months back. Very efficient :P

We were then brought to Jasmine’s Lodge by van. Yes we had our own air conditioned van and driver :) I will touch on Jasmine’s Lodge a little bit later. Upon reaching we were given our rooms but for the first night i had to sleep alone because the 4+3 room weren’t ready for all of us and since we had an odd number, i was alone. After washing up, we explored Siem Reap ….

… by foot.

Walking in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is so much calmer and peaceful compared to Phnom Penh. I never felt scared walking about on the streets. Just beside Jasmine Lodge is a small hawker stall but we decided to walk further just to see if there’s anything else.

The roads were quite dusty and at some parts the roads are still under construction.

After walking blindly for 15 minutes plus, we decided to eat at this particular restaurant. Probably because it was brightly lighted.


The food and drinks were taste but it was slightly more expensive than usual. Nevertheless, no harm trying.

We then walked deeper into their town.

Shoes anyone ?

The girls couldn’t resist but to check out the heels that they had in Siem Reap. Their version of Vincci, lol.

Central Market

Not far from the shoe shop was their central market. It was already very late when we reached there but did walk around just to see see. Realized that there’s a lot of jewelry and precious stones being sold all around the central market.

Oh My Gawdddddd

This is where it all started. Ai Ling and Emily finally coming face to face with the most original “Oh my gawddddddd”. Hahahaha from there on everyone imitated how this lady said her OMG. The girls did get a few things after a hard bargain and we called it a day.


On the way back we stopped by at one of the grocerry shop to simply compare the prices of their goods. Some where really expensive. We goofed around for a while before leaving cause they were already closing. By then it was already 10pm plus.

The walk back was far and by the time we reached back, we were already hungry. Aaron and William ate again.

TFunny Dessert

At the end of the menu it was stated they had a special dessert with fruits. So Emily and I decided to try.

Finally we found out that the word special means sprinkles of milo on the fruits >.<!

I slept like a cow later that night.

Jasmine Lodge Siem Reap

Jasmine lodge Siem Reap

The next day we finally were given the rooms that i arranged which is 4 to a room for the girls and 3 to a room for us guys. The guys stayed on the higest floor and the girls a floor below. The rooms were really good. Everyone had their own bed. Air conditioned, hot water, tv, free wife wifi and free breakfast :P Their service were second to none. There’s even a pool table, couch to laze around at the main area but the main thing for me was the food and wifi. Couldn’t have asked for more :)

I am pretty sure the other 6 will agree with me on Jasmine Lodge.

It was worth every dollar spent on accommodation and that’s 4.75USD a night per person.

For more information on Jasmine Lodge in Siem Reap, look for Mr Kunn :)

They recently upgraded their website and it’s easier to find the needed information.

More of Jasmine Lodge and the wonderful temples of Siem Reap will be posted in the coming entries, do stay tune.

Road No 6,307 Taphul Village,Svay Dangum Commune,
Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
Phone:+855 (0)12 784 980 / (0)12 530 843 /(0)63 760 697
Fax:+855 (0)63 760 697


  1. angeline: LOL kia

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  2. I wonder if there’s any Malaysian who goes all the way to Cambodia to eat Klang bak kut teh and ice cream packed in Shah Alam.. rofl!!!

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  4. saewei: hehehehe, no one ate bkt :P

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    gallivanter: LOL i think it depends. probably the crowd and scheduling wasn’t suitable cause i know i had tonnes of fun :P