bang wall

Your roti canai is ready

Krispy Kreme gave away free doughnuts at Times Square yesterday

While having lunch at Old Town Kopitiam, i took Angeline’s ipod and started punching in reminders which would come in play for what i have installed for her while she waits to board her flight.

… but to no surprise, the flight got delayed and the reminders popped out ahead of time.

bang wall

Nevertheless, the reminders were sort of vague and Angeline called up and asked what was going on. I told her to ignore it.

An hour after the actual boarding time, she calls and says that she is finally boarding and asked if she had to do as i asked in her reminders and i replied yes.

“What happens if i don’t want to follow your instructions ?” she asked.

I told her to have a safe journey and it’s up to you if you want to follow.

Just don’t kill me once you have landed in Penang.

So she boarded the plane..

When the plane reached it’s cruising altitude, an announcement was made.

Paging for Miss Angeline Tan, paging for Miss Angeline Tan

Your roti canai is ready




She was kind of stunned and decided to dabao the roti canai, ROFLMAO

You know the fella beside me thought i was mad !

Dabao-ing roti canai in mid-air ! I am sooooo gonna kill you !

I probably got stressed out while booking her flight ticket no thanks to all the 60 journals and thesis writing i have been doing for the past 2 weeks. And so i wondered, what would happen if i added a roti canai in her booking ?

… and that’s what i did. Booked her a flight, added a meal which was roti canai but never told her about it. If you are wondering what were the reminders that i mentioned earlier, it was actually instructions for her to show her boarding pass to the stewards so that they can bring her the roti canai but for some reason her name was announced instead. Hmmmm i sense a lot of scolding is coming my way >.<!

3 ringgit roti canai = stress relief

Angeline, don’t you feed it to Husky i tell you !


  1. kuru, dolphinangelinakungfukan will pi piak you when she sees you soon! :P next time I shall dapao fish balls for my gf! and she will receive calling “your fish balls are ready” ROFLMAO

  2. okie, after getting the main cast of the scene interpreting to me in detailssssss…the blur one totally get it dy. ROFL!

    two things i know:
    1) can order roti canai in the plane. =.=”
    2) miss dolphin didn’t know you blogged it!

    *horrrrrrrrr…someone getting into trouble liao.*


    seriously, u iz going kantoi when i see youuuuu!!!

  4. like ssssseriously..? LOL
    didnt know can order roti canai on plane. x]

    anyways, Angeline shouldnt be madd :D
    its romanticcc.
    and cuteeee :D

  5. JJ: phewwww i thought u gonna bring all the Tan family member to hunt me or something, lol

    ryck: i myself haven’t tried it yet :P

    [ jN ]: *coughs* try on mr itchy

    crystal: hahaha apa lar, you and jess also same :P

    PP: so u better watch out ya, suddenly, paging for Yen, your satay is ready …. sure kantoi that time, roflmao

    daniel: hahahahaha it would have been better if there was murtabak :shifty:

    angeline: *squeeks* >.< ! hidessssss

    jess: not getting into trouble but already in trouble and will be in trouble for a long long time >.< !

    crazywrazy: hahahaha swt ler you :P

    david: LOL hopefully :D

  6. HAHAHA, must b so embarrassing! Angeline, u can just buat tak tau what… no one wud know its u when they announced it!

    I didnt know can ask for roti canai on flight! Good laugh!

    Anyway, i originally came here to thank u for the comment u left on my blog! Thanks! =)

  7. let us all gather and pray for satkuru for the last time, since he’s gonna get kantoi by his darling soon. he has been a great friend, (yada yada.. insert whatever good thing u feel like saying bout him)… may he dun get kantoi so badly that her whole family including her dog will hunt him down. amen! lol!

    anyway, that’s a good trick! i am soooo gonna used that on my parents the next time they ask me book tix :P haha!

  8. well, I’m not at all worry that this case would happen to me.. Bleks~ :P

    Btw, this is a really nice thing you did for angie lorh.. and sweet post too! Keep it up! :)