Zorbing away at Titiwangsa

F1 was crazy last night. It was soooo short ! but the excitement  was over the roof when the cars stopped in the middle of the road ! LOL

… and as for EPL, Machedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! What a curler ! The battle of the last minute goals, ROFL

Btw, i have just wrote in my entry for Malaysian Dream Girl and this time the girls were in Royal Selangor for their first outdoor photoshoot :)


For those who have no idea what a zorb is, it basically the same as a hamster running in it’s plastic ball. The difference is, for us the ball is cushioned by air in the middle. The it’s to refrain hard impacts as we roll down the hill. To make things more exciting the participants are strapped on to the wall of the zorb. Thus as it roll down, so do you >.<!

If you are wondering why don’t the description match the picture above. That’s because it’s a water zorb. Water zorb is identical to a hamster ball.





Don’t be deceived with the photos because water zorbing is a waste of time and money. I will you why later.

So it was a bright Sunday morning and 26 people gathered in an excitement somewhere in Titiwangsa.

Zorbing in pairs

I couldn’t find the place at first and i called Bernard for the exact location. He said once you see 2 plastic balls on the left of the road means you are at the right place >.<! And he was right, i just continued driving around the lake till i saw these zorb balls.

Just as i described earlier there’s air in between the 2 layers in the zorb. Since it can accomodate 2 people at once, Bernard and i were paired up.

A few days before this event, Esther emailed me some coupon which i am suppose to bring so that the price of the zorb would be only RM 15. After finalizing the payment and all, we all waited to take turns.

First victim

Esther immediately said she was the first to go.

The ball was then rolled a slight slope and was held till Esther and her friend got strapped in. The slope isn’t that steep compared to the ones i have seen in New Zealand but nevertheless for 15 ringgit what do you expect? The distance it would roll is about 70 meters.

Checking him out

The instructor will help you out with the harness if you have hard time strapping into it. The girls were all observing for some reason but i am not sure why Bernard looks excited. HAhahahahahaha.

Once Esther was ready, they rolled down the ball and all i could hear were screams from Esther and her friend … who is a guy. ROFL.

Knowing that there’s 26 people and it would take eons before Bernard and i would have a chance. We decided to go for the water zorb first. Nicolette and Alice joined us.

It’s not that near from the dry zorb so we drove over to the other side of the lake.

Water zorbing with Bernard

Bernard was the first one to go since there weren’t anyone there. Water zorbing is also RM 15. And as you can see, first you would need to get into that plastic and they would pump in air till it’s full. They would then further pump in using a smaller pump.


It’s seriously not easy !

There’s no grip …. inside and outside. So all you do is fall …. and fall in the most awkward manner >.<!

Bernard was even luckier because when he was trying to find the inner hamster in him, a TV crew recorded the whole thing, LOL.

We escaped from the rest because we want to spare the shame but Bernard went two steps back by showing himself to the country, hahaha.


Alice was really funny, LOL. Cause she did try to run as much as possible and from far, she does look like a hamster :P

You see, we knew by going for the water zorb first, the rest won’t be seeing us like this. But when Nicolette spotted them walking from afar, she immediately said it was her turn after Alice @_@!!

So i was left to be the last one.


Nicolette didn’t last long cause she just doesn’t seem to go anywhere and it’s seriously tiring though you try to move it around. So she sat and enjoyed the scenery. But then again, she wasn’t wearing her specs. Hmmm now i wondered what was she even looking, lol.

By the time she was done, probably half of the whole group was already there and everyone was waiting for me to get in.

my turn

You know how people would say, “Save the best for last” ? Well this was one of those moments, wuuuwuuuuuuu









Have you seen a buffalo falling ? There you go ….. >.<!

What a way to start my water zorbing experience. At one point while falling i thought the zorb was gonna burst or something.

Once you are in the ball you basically can’t hear much unless someone screams at you. And when i fell i could hear clearly everyone laughing at me @_@! So that’s how hard everyone laughed.

Zorbing awayI tried everything to move it like a hamster ball but the harder i tried, the more weird i fell. If only the outer layer of the ball had some groove so it will move against the water rather than spinning on the same spot.

But it was really fun !


Esther’s one was the shortest i think, LOL. At one point she even tried to escape even when she was in the middle of the lake >.<! LOL

After capturing Esther’s fall, Alice, Nic, Bernard and i went back for the normal zorb.


The problem with 2 big buffalos entering the zorb is, when one gets in, the second one would have a hard time cause the hole is even smaller @_@!

… and i got freaking stuck, blardy hell and Bernard who was already inside had to pull me in.

Strapped on

We were too heavy that they had to push us down, ROFLMAO. Actually they do push for everyone since the slope isn’t that steep.

I know i screamed a lot, Bernard too and the momentum was madness. Imagine 2 of us causing the ball to roll down even faster than the rest. swt swt swt.


This is a small taste of what’s there in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan as i was told that the zorb there is longer …. 250m down >.<!

1 minute of spinning.

According to the fella who organizers this, for the first 20 seconds you would be screaming happily but after that till the end, you would be dying to get out, lol.

All in all the experience was great !!! Would definitely recommend it to anyone for sure.

Zorbing anyone ? :D


  1. Goodness…
    I’m reading this in office and I HAD TO STOP MYSELF FROM LAUGHING OUT LOUD after reading the part about you falling with both hands and legs up.

    Pity my hamster… *pat pat pat*

  2. sesat!!! kutuk me la now ar? mentang-mentang i mate 4 :P n the oni reason i didn’t last long was coz u were going “faster ah! the rest of them r comin!!” :P

  3. cheewei: lol yes he was my ex room mate :P

    ray: i am not sure, i have to double check with them :)

  4. Hi, i came across your zorbing post and like to ask, what is the normal price for both normal and water zorbing if don’t have the RM 15 vouchers?

  5. I am going Zorbing tomorrow and after I’ve read your post, I’m so excited I think I’m gonna be puffy eyed tomorrow from lack of sleep.. :)Nice blog…