Jess, Elaine, Angeline

Malaysian Dream Girl Finale – Camwhoring session

Tonight is the night ! It doesn’t matter what supporter you are but Champions League Finals are here and it’s between ManUtd and Barcelona ! I am a big fan of Man United and i also do follow Barcelona over in Spanish League. So hope…

Kris Allen

… and the winner of American Idol is …

Hahahaha similar title as the previous one … so if u haven’t known yet and would like to wait till you watch the finale, then i suggest you close this and return later – - – - -

final three

Malaysian Dream Girls – My take on the final three

I was at the MAS training center last Friday for their Cabin Crew Experience and it was blardy awesome ! i had the chance to be in Business and First class as well as slide down the emergency slide and be on the life raft….

Tonle Sap

Chronicles of Cambodia 4: Tonle Sap Siem Reap

Ming was eliminated in the final elimination of Malaysian Dream Girl and next friday would be the Finale. I was also at the final photoshoot where the girls finally had what they wanted; a male model named Ricardo. LOL – - – To those who…