Tonle Sap

Chronicles of Cambodia 4: Tonle Sap Siem Reap

Ming was eliminated in the final elimination of Malaysian Dream Girl and next friday would be the Finale. I was also at the final photoshoot where the girls finally had what they wanted; a male model named Ricardo. LOL




Tonle Sap

To those who realized i blogged about the first day on Siem Reap, lol you are sharp and that simply shows i am freaking aging -_-!

Anyway the next morning was mainly on Tonle Sap. Initially we were suppose to take a ferry from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap via the Tonle Sap lake but after realizing that it would cost a whooping 40USD per person, we scrapped the idea and took bus instead.

Jasmine’s Lodge does provide us complimentary breakfast everyday and though it was just a simple one, i really missed eating their bread and egg. And at the same time franctically waiting for a place to sit :P

Breakfast at Jasmine Lodge

Hmmm the picture is blur for a reason. Not too sure where did i even focus. Breakfast consist of bread, fruits and egg … and also a cup of tea or coffee.

After that Siya our guide who was waiting downstairs greeted us and ferried us in our personal van to Tonle Sap.

Boats awaiting us at Tonle Sap

The journey to the lake was about 20 minutes from Jasmine Lodge and upon arrival, our designated boat was already there waiting.

Surrounding Tonle Sap

People living by the lake or on the lake have their lives revolved around the lake. The houses are on the lake, so are the schools, police station and not forgetting their only basketball court. The people here spend most of the time on tha lake rather than on the land. They are raised on water as well as die on the water. They even have a cemetry which is a site which is on the other far end of Tonle Sap.

Moving on Tonle Sap

For some reason the dog reminded me of the current news on Pulau Ketam where the dogs are left there to die. Pity the dogs. The difference is the dog above is taken care of even though the people of Tonle Sap aren’t well to do.

Daily Life on Tonle Sap

Schooling on Tonle Sap

We were then brought to a floating crocodile farm which was quite far. It wasn’t something that i would recommend to anyone who plans to go to Siem Reap but if you have time to burn then by all means do drop by :P

Croc farm

Besides crocs, they had a python and ermmm i think that’s about it. Oh yes and a few display items which aren’t significant enough to be remembered.

Lee May showing off

Aaron and python

This reminded me so much of the recent Malaysian Dream Girl photoshoot which involves a python. And no i didn’t have the python around me. Damn scared can -_-!

While we were goofing around with the python, we heard cries and little kids. I saw Emily walking towards the opposite direction towards the cry and we saw 2 kids, begging.


I have been to India and have witnessed how kids would beg but i have never seen anything like this before. I am pretty sure the rest too were surprised to see kids peddling their way to the croc farm begging us for money. The one thing that everyone should understand is, there are so many agencies out there that would help this kids by giving them education and sometimes giving them money wouldn’t solve their problems but in fact encourage them to beg even more.

Our faces !

On our way back to the van, we were approached by a number of people asking to buy the what nots. Then as i was in the van snapping, i realized something similar as i zoomed into my pics …


Mine, Angeline’s, William’s and Emily’s !

They were fast ! Really fast ! I can’t even remembered when they photographed us. Efficient ! LOL


We then moved on to their famous Handicraft center which has all the replicas that you would see from the Angkor Wat.


This place is a bit special as they train the disable in terms of hearing and talking, the dumb and the deaf. The place is good for a tour but the price for the souvenirs were rather steep.

I am on a backing trip and i definitely can’t afford to be splurging, lol. Unless i am working already :)

In the morning, Mr Khun told me that he would be giving us free lunch … a 6 course lunch, or was it 7 ? and we were all excited cause for once we know we don’t need to fork out for food.

Kings and Queens

The food just kept coming and we were all stuffed by the end of it. The food was excellent !

Making our passes

After lunch we headed to the world of Tomb Raider, the Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. Before that, we were required to make our daily passes and everything was paid for when i arranged with Mr Khun before departing for Cambodia. So all we had to do was get our photos taken and the passes were then handed to us.

We took the 3 days pass which cost 40USD but since we came in a group, Mr Khun some how managed to get it included in our package :P

I will carry on with Angkor Wat in the coming entries :D


  1. Wahhhh… so fast on post in Siem Reap d!!! >,<

    I was soooo tempted to get something from the Artisan D’Angkor, but seeing the price in USD stopped me totally. @.@

    lai, when’s the next entry? :P

  2. hi Satkuru,
    my dad looking forward to see you haha~
    Yea the real ming quite bising 1…my dad keep asking me to play safe =)need to have a good reputation.Seriously I never thought i’ll go this far and i was quite surprise to see the number of fans i have haha…Oh yeah my mom said you took nice photos =)thx for supporting ya Satkuru will see you on the 15th of May.

  3. angeline: next entry ar? lol. drafted already, just need the pictures to be ready :P

    aaron: hahaha no place to put, that’s why end up writing there.

    crazywrazy: you are still in perth, how to yum cha wor? lol you come back first, then sure can yum cha. yeah one year already :)

    ming: ganas, hahaha your dad also got a lot of fans :P oooo true also, must have good reputation. thanks for the compliment :) see you on friday ;)

  4. Hi Satkuru, nice blog! I’m going to Angkor Wat next year Jan, your blog has provide good info about it, appreciate it very much…
    Is Mr, Khun a guess house owner? or a tour agency? Do you still keep his email or any contact?