MAS Cabin crew – What does it take to become one ?

Missing the sea breeze in Redang. Boooohoooo not going for the Langkawi trip. Jess and friends must be having a hell of a time shifty

Finding our seats

This entry has been long over due, lol. First of all, i wanna thank Malaysia Airlines for the invite and also not forgetting Jonathan for organizing this event :)

I was fortunate enough to experience what is it like or rather what does it take to be a cabin crew in an airline, specifically MAS. If you didn’t know MAS has been named Skytrax’s World’s Best Cabin Staff this year and that has totalled up to 6 times. Definitely not an easy feat.

Upon arrival, i thought i was the first one because i saw no one in the hall but just to find out that everyone was at the cafetaria having breakfast.

It was after 20 minutes or so that the program started.

Explaining on how to be a cabin crew

We were briefed ala lecture class style on how and what levels are there to go thru to become a MAS Cabin Crew. Every candidate will be sieved thoroughly as there’s of course a certain standard that has to be maintained. MAS doesn’t get the award for Best Cabin Crew for no reason you see.

Some of us even offered ourselves to be Cabin Crew, lol. Taking advantage of the oppurtunity since all the top people were in the room.

Grooming Class

We were then ushered to the next part which was the beautification section. This is where the air stewardess were given simply lesson on how to do the trademark hairstyle and makeup under 10 minutes. Some of us didn’t really believe that one could look anything like the stewardess under 10 minutes. Girls generally take at least 3 years 30 minutes or more to get themselves ready especially when it involves make up.

To prove that only 10 minutes was needed, Elena has the chance to be used as the subject.

Eleena make over

Eleena after 10 minutes

The Master and the subject, lol. Only 9 minutes plus was need and wolaaaaa, one MAS air stewardess is ready :P

After learning how to beautify one’s self, the cabin crew would also be taught on grooming and how to carry yourself in public.

Grooming class

Here we were shown the signature kebaya uniform that is worn by the air stewardess. With the slit running higher than normal kebaya, the girls were showed how to walk so that nothing is exposed.

How to walk

William then volunteered to the catwalk. He should have put on the kebaya and walked, just to recreate the scenario, lol !

Besides looking good and gorgeous, the cabin crew would have to know simple first aid. Ok maybe not simple first aid but they would have to be able to handle medical situations until a doctor or paramedics are on the scene.

If the heart stops

Babies are not spared lol

All cabin crews would have to attend mandatory first aid courses every now and then. This is a good way to make sure everyone has the latest info on how to save the passenger’s life and also a good time to learn up on new medical equipments which are fitted on the aircrafts.

Cabin Service Trainers

This was probably the best part and the only place where it was photographed the most ! …. the cabin service trainers.

All replicas of the classes of different MAS aircrafts are located here. Economy class, Business class, First class were all there. Even the 747 Jumbo was there for us to explore.

Ordering in First Class

Thanks to William, i was caught ordering my lamb chop over in first class. Elena that would medium rare thank you :P

Business Class on MAS

Mr Yat dozed off while we were circling around KLIA. William just enjoying the view.

After fooling about in the first class of 747 Jumbo, we were asked to get ready for their simulation emergency session and we had to sign a release form to make sure we can’t sue them for any mishaps :P

We then wore their safety suit before entering the simulation aircraft.

Emergency Landing

While seated they told us to listen to the instructions of the cabin crew when the simulation is in progress. As part of the exercise 5 of us were chose to represent the disable and i was one of them.

At first i declined cause i know how heavy  i am -_-! and i wouldn’t want any of the air stewardess to struggle offloading a cow of the aircraft but later on the air stewardess said no worries and she can handle me.

I was strictly asked to remain in my seat and not move a muscle as though i am paralyzed.

Surprisingly, she carried me !

*respect respect respect*

With the help of another person, i was positioned properly on the slide with her being behind me …

Sliding down the emergency slide

… and down I went XD

Picked up

Upon landing, i thought i could just walk off but i was instructed by the instructors not to move a muscle and let the air stewardess do the work.

At this point, i was already feeling very bad for her.

Man handled

The air stewardess was then helped by her co worker to move me to the side but she ermmm accidently pressed my collar bone which is one of the few sensitive areas and i started laughing my head. That resulted to me falling off her grip, making a cow fall on her leg T.T

This simulation was mainly to see how fast the passengers were evacuated using the emergency slide.

So what happens if the aircraft makes an emergency landing on water ?

If it hits the water ...

Just like first aid, cabin crews will have to take refreshing course on emergency landing on water. Here they would have to swim in full uniform giving them the actual feel if it did happen. They will shower first before starting the exercise.

Swim ppl swim !

A swimming instructor will be there to monitor the progress of each and every cabin crew to make sure they can at least do the basic.

“Swim people, swim !”, the instructor yelled.

Photograghers !

Most of us never seen such exercise before, i mean none of us expected the cabin crew to be fully clothed in their uniforms with hairdos and all to jump into the pool. So we did the next best thing, we snap snap snap :)

Creating a circle

After swimming 2 laps, the cabin crew were then instructed to swim to the middle of the pool and create a circle. This is done to create attention for any planes that are passing by. Besides that, if it’s cold they will draw closer to contain heat among themselves.

A super large safety raft was then brought to the pool.

“Any of you want to be in it ?” the instructor asked us.

I am in it !

Next thing you know, i am already in the life raft. The instructor then told us what was gonna happen which was, the life raft will be pushed to the middle and the cabin crew would have to climb in. We, under no circumstances should help any of them. Emilio helped me to take my photos while i was on the raft, thanks a lot ! :D

… and that exercise begun.

Everyone asking for help

1 up

Pedal ppl, pedal !

Then we had to pedal with our hands to the other side.

Can you spot me ? :P

Lunch time

After some grueling exercise, we were give lunch and end the day with a bang, we ….

Lex's Birthday

… celebrated Lex’s birthday, of :)

Group Photo

All in all, i had a great time and seriously learnt alot and it’s definitely not ‘kacang putih’ to be a cabin crew. Its easily shown why MAS has been winning the award as Best Cabin Staff for a record 6 times.

So for those opting to become a cabin crew, you know where to go to then :)

P/S: The swine flu is definitely disrupting my plans to travel around T.T


  1. Eeee.. your theme is so facebook.. Loving it…

    and and… thanks for sharing this entry.. never knew that cabin crew has to go through all those !! If only they’ve sth similar here in Kuching.. I wanna go to experience those too :)

  2. Nice post =) … actually i’ve been reading for this post for quite different version XD …you have a nice shot for all the photos ^^

  3. Interesting experience! Wish I had the chance to undergo such programs as well.

    afterall, one will never be exposed to those situations in their life unless the airplane crashes or something *touchwood*

  4. Never know that cabin crews have such professional training… I’m hope I could be successfully go thru the coming interview and be one of your team… Cheers! ^^

  5. I am from batch 237 B, Just miss flying so much . Can I join u all again ?
    Hoping and waiting for any opportunity to be a part of this cheerful team .

  6. I have a daughter, named Jordaenia Carolyn – just graduated from a secondary school (SPM) – who aspires to be an air stewardess.

    Can someone help her how to be one?? I need answers to the following questions:

    (a) Can she apply through this website (…)?
    (b) When is the next intake?
    (c) Does MAS has its own training centre for successful applicants or MAS engages a 3rd party to conduct the
    (d) How long does it take? (I heard around 3 months….??)
    (e) What’s the fee like?
    (f) Does the successful candidate get a certificate of competency, et al., at the end of the course?
    (g) Where do they (students) stay?

    Anything else that my daughter may need to know??? Please assist…


    Engr. Michael Sibinil

    1. Hi Michael :)

      I have already emailed you the link and here are your answers to your questions:

      a) Sadly you can’t :P You would have to go thru the proper channel via their main website.

      b) The next walk in interview is in fact tmr, Saturday 20st of March 2010

      c) MAS has their own training center in Kelana Jaya. Certain part of the course would involve external personals, eg. grooming, etc.

      d) Yeap, approximately 3 months

      e) I am not really sure frankly, i don’;t think there’s a fee as you would be bonded for a few years. You would have to double check on this :)

      f) i know there’s a graduation ceremony for those whom are successful.

      g) that’s a good question but unfortunately i am not sure of that either.

      I have posted more information on a new entry and there i mentioned what are the requirements as well training plan sheet :)

      Hope all of these information helps your daughter in the coming Walk In Interview :)

      Have a great weekend ahead :)

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  8. Hi There,

    I’m really into cabin crew, and really hope one day I can become one.. though I have this kind of problem which is I don’t have baby’s smooth skin, I don’t have that flawless skin.. do you think I have a chance to be a member of MAS Cabin Crew with my skin condition? or they don’t care about it as long as you have strong passion on what you’re doing?


    1. No, u dont need to hav flawless skin, but not too bad condition skin either.. make sure you take care of your skin before the interview. Basic and simple steps like cleasing gel, toner. And use bb cream to cover your flaw. if bb cream cannot fully cover your scars, mayb use foundation and concealer. There’s the magic cosmetic can do. Never try never know! Wish you all the best! Good Luck!

  9. Hi, i’m interested in the make-up classes. but i’m working with the government. is there any way i can go to your centre and learn abt grooming? tq