Seatbelts, finally

Rear Seat Belt Compliance

I simply heart Penang food; Char Koay Teow, Laksa, Ais Kacang, Balik Pulau Durians …

Seatbelts, finally

It has been a while since i have updated my blog but trust me, i have tonnes to write and i am just waiting to get back to KL to do so. In Penang, i am always busy doing chores or busy sleeping >.<!

With Apple launching the new iPhone 3GS, Macbook Aluminium joins the MacBook Pro family and also Snow Leopard, my car too had an update. A safety update to be precise. After a few days without my car, i finally got the call from Perodua saying it’s finally ready !

This time around, i changed quite a number of things since it has just surpassed 180k km and the damage was slightly less than a thousand. On top of that, Perodua finally fitted my car with rear seatbelts :)

Prove of seatbelts

My car wasn’t fitted with rear seatbelts nor does it have points to fix them. So Perodua took slightly longer to get it done but it was definitely worth the wait since KL would take ages to get it done.

A sticker is placed in case police were to flag me down to check if it has been certified by Perodua :)

Upon getting my car, my parents told that within the 2 weeks i brought my car back, 3 people have offered to buy my car. All of them offered around the same amount which was about 28k and that’s more than half the amount we paid for my 7 year old car. Parents are contemplating to sell off and probably get something else, like maybe a Saga. Hmmmm

On the side note, my mum asked if my phone could be tracked down via gps and after experimenting with a few programs, this is what i got …

GPS Locater

It shows the whereabouts of me today but i didn’t leave it on all the time as my battery was low. If not the speed of my car will even be registered and all this was viewable by one click on my iMac at home >.<! LOL

I know a few of you have been bugging with me for photos from Tenji …


… hehehe i will be posting them soon. Before this weekend hopefully :)

P/S: 2010 is gonna be one hectic year ! Plans just keep pouring in. Have to save save save.


  1. 28k for ur mousedeer? O_O that’s good price
    since I’m driving a Sage BLM rite now, i could give some opinions.
    Driving wise, it’s comfortable. Inner space slightly bigger than my mom’s old City, also higher than City.
    But pick-up wise, :thumbsup: especially when u change from middle lane to right lane, behind one car speeding towards u, but no matter how hard u accelerate, u are only slightly faster than the car that was in front of u when at mid lane.. :aduh:
    Just my 2 cents tho

  2. hahaha yes alvin 28k and it’s not rusa ler, ROFL. hmmmm pick up wise i think i dun really mind. yours is auto ? consumption how ya ? :)

    aaron, LMAO. batmobile with rear seatbelts, hahahaha

  3. missssss batmobileeeeeee… i wan drive it around! LOL!

    speaking of that, my kelisa hasn’t been fitted with rear seat belts yet.. -.-””””

  4. good good…ada rear belts dy. then next time if i tumpang ur car, i won’t be busy sliding my butt left and right…can sit in static and securely dy! LOL!

  5. I heard there’s this new 1.6 Saga BLM.. dunno true or not..
    mine AT… so pick-up surely tough.. LOL
    consumption wise, 1liter 9.X km ++. just slightly less than 20cents/km..
    but the inner space & height really are advantage…

  6. angeline: better go do ler, the date has been extended. after that confirm kena fine.

    jess: hahaha yes, now for sure can stay put at the back seat.

    alvin: yeah man good point. waiting to see what will the price be for 1.6.

    KY: hahahaha yeah the sticker got serial number some more :P