H1n1 ?

Urbanscapes – H1N1 ?

Last week Angeline called me up to say that she got herself a pair of tickets to Urbanscapes and would be coming down to KL for it. I on the other hand reluctantly said that i wouldn’t want her to come down. With the looming cases of H1N1 cases in KL, it would be wise to stay away from crowded areas especially with the younger demographic.

Debra was telling me how her friends got infected and asked if i will be attending. I told her the same reasons as above and she agreed. That’s why she sent her sister instead :P

As for Angeline, she still came to KL BUT had the impression that Urbanscapes was on Sunday.

… no i didn’t remind her nor did i mention about it. She finally realized it on her own when she re-read the mail, ROFL.

I was always curious about what Urbanscapes was about but i guess i have to wait for next year.

Speaking of H1N1 @ Urbanscapes …

H1n1 ?

… a friend forwarded this to me. So please do the needy if you do have any of the symptoms of H1N1.


  1. simon: lol if you are feeling well then should be ok i guess

    aaron: hamik penang trip ? :hmm: lol

    daniel: serious ? ganas

    crazywrazy: oi, i didn’t go ler dude :P