Bears waiting for their owners

MMU Convocation 2009

Bears waiting for their owners

Last weekend was the 10th convocation for MMU and i was there busy kaypo-ing on the 1st and 2nd day. For the 1st day i was there to see Steven and on the 2nd day i was there to see Lih Ren. This time around, there were more soft toys and different flower vendors unlike previous years where it was all under one person.

With the current economy situation (though it’s getting better), people do tend to get something cheap but worth the money. Flowers are just overpriced.

But then again, it’s not going to change anything. This coming Saturday is Dolphin’s convo and i am definitely getting her flowers. Wouldn’t want to know what’s the after effect of not doing so.

All rushing out

Just after 12pm, graduates came gushing out from the Grand Hall and everyone was looking for someone. Phone calls, yelling, some with signboards …

Finding for her parents

The sweltering heat made finding friends or family member harder. But it’s definitely better than if it’s raining. The first day of convo saw less graduates and i assumed that’s because most graduates are from Faculty of Management.

Weng Choong and Wendy and Friends

Most of the time on the first day, i roamed around with Weng Choong and Corrine and occasionally bumped into Wendy.


More and more people were with DSLR

Speaking of DSLRs, yesterday night i was at the Ogawa function in the Pavillion and had the chance to use Nicole’s 500D. It was really nice lerrrrr T.T But there’s no way i am gonna jump from 400D to 500D, kinda ridiculous. To make matters worse, just before the function ended i got to know Casey and he showed his 50D T.T

Torture man. The 400D shall stay on until something else appears, like 60D lol.

Was suppose to be at the Curve for Digi’s Music Revolution then last minute changes with Yat and i was in Pavillion.

Steven and Jess

Back to the topic, after some hunting around i finally bumped into Steven and Jess. With so many things going on, we had to snap pictures fast cause everyone is constantly moving around. I also had the chance to meet Steven’s family and help them take a family photo :P

Congrats Steven! :D

Flowers everywhere

Second day of convo started off the same, just that there were slightly more people. Flowers like the above were selling fast. It seemed to be the ‘in thing’ to give artificial flowers nowadays :P

Lih Ren

After a few failed phone calls, i finally got through and found out where Lih Ren was waiting with his family. Seriously right, Lih Ren’s brother looked so much like him. Right down to the goaty !

When i got back that day, i was kinda bored and ended up with the picture below.

Lihren with Background

It’s not that perfect but it’s better than nothing :P

I did a few more with his family shots and it was quite easy to do since the original background was a white wall. Congrats Lih Ren ! :D

Look like Li Wei

You see the girl in yellow shirt ? I thought she looked like Li Wei :)

Jess again

You see this girl above ? I thought she looked like Jess. LOL

Happy Birthday Jess :D

Sunflowers !

Didn’t really take much shots this time around. Getting lazier and lazier -_-”

Next year is my turn :D


  1. woahhhh, you seriously damn fast.

    actually right even if 60D come out next year, dunno can get or not. money keep siphoning out for trips T.T hahahaha

  2. ei you make the bear look damn sad like that. waiting for their turn, hahahaha. nice photos and why the theme keep changing ?

  3. HAMIK MIKIA with the “Wouldn’t want to know what’s the after effect of not doing so”.. i cekik u only u know.. haha.

    Yay! Tomorrow is my turn! Can’t wait. Can’t wait! :)

  4. the after-effect is “i cekik u only u know” .. haha, now u noe :P thanks for the wishes….and the nice pics~ :P ur pics where u spotted DSLR users are my friends…haha