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Sui Wah to Hennessy to Flash Bang

MOS Juice

Coming from a closely-knitted family and being always stuck in front of the computer all day long, i never liked clubbing. In fact the ones in Penang are usually in town and i was living on the other side of the island, …

in a kampung …

… called Kampung Jawa.

The most happening place in Kampung Jawa was this mini mart called Sui Wah and that’s it. I grew up and left for my degree, Sui Wah grew up and it’s now Sunshine Square, still the most happening place around Kampung Jawa.

Shifting to Melaka and KL to further my studies did open my eyes big big, well it depends on how you interpret my sentence. I think i have gone to pubs and clubs in KL more times compared to Penang.

Actually in Penang i have only gone once … -_-”

That also my friend drank my share of the beer, swt.

hennessy 2008

Last year was the first time i attended Hennessy Artistry where Flo Rida was the main guest artist and i tell you that event alone changed my perception on clubbing and parties. That’s like a different class all together. I was there as a hired paparazzi photographer. People just kept tapping on my shoulder asking me to snap their pictures. At that point of time, i was still new into photography and it was a good training ground for night photography. I just learn/work better under pressure.

hennessy 2008

That night i remembered roaming around the place snapping and changing lens whenever a different artist appears and that got me thirsty. Tired you know.

Even with Angeline constantly reminding me not to drink a lot since it was free flow BUT it fell on deaf ears.

I first asked for a coke but probably the fella didn’t hear and poured Hennessy only. Not even mixed. Gulp down 2 cups and i felt one kind, lol.

That night i think i drank 6 cups all together and i think that’s my limit cause i wasn’t drunk or floating. So yeah i drank responsibly, lol. Enough of the drinking but Flo Rida definitely brought the house down !

The following year, i was invited by Yatz and since i had an extra pass, i dragged Mr Canon-in-D aka Wei Chung along. I have always told everyone i knew, that they should try to attend Hennessy’s events.

Hennessy 2009

Though i was equipped with my camera but i barely took any photos. A few hours before that i was at my sister’s convocation in Melaka. My GPS made things worse. Searched for Bukit Kiara as a reference and it brought me to Seremban -_-” I was more or less tired when i arrived.

While i was enjoying the surrounding, suddenly i heard people saying, ” Eh look, mini jay chou.”

I was like who ?

Who is he ?

Ok ler, he does have a slight resemblance of Jay Chou.

Kawan lama

Wei Chung and Lih Ren. All three of us have known each other since end of 2003. Or was it 2004 ? Nevertheless, all kawan lama :P

Then Wei Chung was kind enough to offer me to take my photo which ….

sob sob

… was a bad idea T.T

Hennessy Artistry @Quattro

This Friday (02 Oct 2009) from 9pm to 3am, Hennessy Artistry is back with Paul Freeman, Hsiao Hung Jen, Boys Like Girls and Lenka will be performing Club Quattro KL. I was told that the free 100 tickets has already been given out but fear not.

Purchase 1 bottle of Hennessy VSOP to get 2 exclusive invites!
Purchase 2 bottles of Hennessy VSOP to get 5 exclusive invites!!

So see you there if you are coming ;)

Speaking of partying and clubbing, the most recent one i attended was at Ministry of Sound for Juice’s Birthday Bash.

MOS Juice

The main space in the middle shakes because of the crazy-ass bass and that makes everyone dance, lol. I was with Leang, Yatz, Lih Ren and Joshua. They kept telling, ” Snap only don’t worry !”

So yeah i went around snapping.

One thing i have learnt that night was don’t, don’t ever put maximum power for the flash gun. Why ?

Accidently flashed at full power

Cause the artist would be flash banged for no reason >.<!

Bad move.


Joshua was showing me how to enjoy the songs, lol. Lih Ren and Yatz just stared in blurness :P

Dance floor shaking

The dance floor was really vibrating like mad. So some of the people got onto the platform where the artist was and started dancing.

dance floor

The girls that happened to snap earlier too got on to the platform and now only i realized why some of them were wearing sunnies. So that they won’t go blind if someone flashes. Wait, that sounds wrong -_-”

how ar?

Then suddenly the rest of the fellas kept shoving me saying, wei look look on the stage. This couple was really get it on. Am i invading their privacy ?

What do you think ?

This entry is kinda sketchy, like no direction. First there was the zaman purba story of my kampung and then suddenly got girls dancing and couples kissing. LOL.

Btw my kampung is damn real, ok. Not made up one.

If you come to Penang, do find it. You can’t miss it. It’s near Intel and Agilent :P

See you all on Friday ;)

P/S: Dolphin is invading KL this weekend ! Roti telur satu !


  1. wahlao… i got read ur blog de.. just tat no tinggal komen nia…

    but yeah that was my first few dslr shot.. lol.. was so noob coz i oni know use manual focus dunno the autofocus thing =P

  2. LOL seriously right, your photos nice and you improved like damn gila fast wei. D90 so nice some more :P

    come come one day all go photoshoot :D

  3. Lol…you invaded and published the couple’s privacy!!

    neways, nice shots! makes me regret for not making it to the event..sigh