Cambodian Kids passes a note

The Chronicles of Cambodia 7: Angkor Wat & Amazon Angkor

Cambodian Kids passes a note

I suddenly had the inspiration to blog about Cambodia again after Chiaw Yin passed a very random statement over on Facebook.

“Mr Shiya is very good”.

I was cracking my head on who is this fella and why is she telling me this. Then it clicked me ! Mr Shiya aka Siya was our tourguide in Siem Reap and i used to call him as Ya. I knew Chiaw Yin was in Siem Reap not long ago but i never knew she also got him as her guide.

The best part was, she said he still remembers me ! ^.^

But to be frank, he is one hell of a guide, to be honest. Though we occasionally teach him the wrong things in Hokkien, hahahaa. I really hope the guide i am getting in Indonesia would be as good and enthusiastic as Siya :)

Back to my writing, I am still in 3rd day of Siem Reap of the 4 days we were there. The picture above shows a note from one of the kid saying she isn’t well to do and she supports the family by selling books. The thing about the kids, they really look pitiful but if you don’t play their game then you will just end up being cursed. As for the books, after closer inspection you would noticed that it’s photocopied. Just the cover is coloured. So yeah bargain hard.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

We were back in Angkor Wat after having breakfast in Jasmine Lodge. By this time around in the day you would see plenty of tourists flocking by the bus loads to the main entrance. Security is tight as usual. So it’s advisable to keep your daily pass properly at all time.

The Library

Sometimes i wondered how the people of the that time used the stairs ? Were they all using their four limbs like Emily and Ai Ling ? Btw, this is the library. For some reason, this is the only part of Angkor Wat that i can remember well. LOL my memory damn bad T.T


On top of the world

The women in this trip are really hardy women, hahaha. No joke. I was worried at the beginning on how would they handle such situation where dust, heat and walking are common in this trip. Cha Bo power, rofl. For their hardiness, the upcoming trip to Bali should be a little challenging. Let’s see how the sister no. 1,2 and 3 handle :P

We were in Angkor Wat until late evening before heading back to wash up.

Amazon Angkor Restaurant

For dinner, we were brought to Amazon Angkor Restaurant. Here the dinner served is buffet style and there’s a huge variety of food but the main attraction is the performance. Different styles of dance by the locals are performed during the whole course of the dinner. It’s kinda touristy and commercialized so it may not appeal to those who only wants hardcore local standards.

Amazon Angkor Restaurant

As for me i loved it. I mean after walking like cow for hours, i just wanted to sit and enjoy my food with some ambiance and this place was perfect.

Night Market in Siem Reap

After dinner we went for walk walk at their night market. Everyone started to unleash their bargaining skills, buying what they could afford. Price wise it’s really cheap, especially when you buy in a big quantity. So if you are in group, gather a few to buy.

Night Market Siem Reap

But if the price doesn’t appeal to you, you can try the stalls out of the night market. Since they are slight out of the main area, they would be able to lower down even more. But if that also not good enough for you, then just go to the old market place. You can get shirts are 2ringgit there, lol. The down side is the place starts to close down at 9.30pm unlike this Night Market. Further more the atmosphere here is much better.

Aaron and the flame

Before heading back to call it a day, we headed to the local so called pub. I had their Angkor beer but Aaron decided to do one better :P


Baliksssss to hibernate !

The next day would be our final day in Cambodia !

Stay tuned !