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If you didn’t know already, Digi are currently having their Internet Bonanza which ends on the 15th of November with only the Huawei modems left. I got to know about this offer from Joshua during the recent Dimension launch at Sheraton by Maxis and Astro. He mentioned that Digi is having promotion on Blackberries and N97 minis and they are CHEAP !

For once i thought, finally Malaysia is catching up to those crazy promotions like in the US or UK. Maxis never did anything for their iPhone and i don’t see that happening anytime soon. Digi on the other hand as gone all out on their 3G service ever since rolling out the Digi3Gturbo. It’s always good to have more players in the field.

When Angeline mentioned that she realizes she’s getting 3G connection in Penang, i asked her to check out the plans available and probably find out if it would be better for me to get a line as well since she’s on Digi. Too bad the person at the Customer service wasn’t as how she expected. Simple questions asked and the person was more interested in marketing some other plans for her -_-”

In the end, she left fuming and decided to use her brother’s Maxis Prepaid instead.

The lineeeeeee

Back to this Internet Bonanza thingy, I thought since there’s this crazy promotion (i mean i have to admit the promotion is seriously one of the best deals out there) i would just get the line from Digi and probably subscribe for their Internet plan, etc.

My room mate and brother on the other hand were really interested in getting the phone, so off we went to One Utama on Saturday at 5am. If you considered that early, you would be surprised that there were easily 100 in queue already. Upon arrival, i came out from the entrance where the queue sort of started and a heated argument between 2 camps were going on.

Realizing it was pointless to queue up since there’s only 44 units of Blackberry Curve available, i told my brother and roomie to leave. As we walked to back to the car at level 3, a few people were seen going through a door and we followed. At the end of the staircase, we came out at the LG floor just to realize there’s already a queue in it (above pic).

This is where i spotted Joshua who was easily in the first 44 in line and Andrew who was not so far behind Joshua. My brother said he wanted to try and so he lined up and i whipped out my phone and started surfing the net.

Andrew then came by and told that one of the girls who is first in line came at about 6-7pm on Friday @.@ and i was like seriously ?!

There’s even a namelist that states who who came in sequence.

To be frank i never seen any proper indication on where the line should be nor which shutter would be opened.

I got bored and started walking around snapping random pics. I have always read and seen pictures of people in the States queuing up for iPhones, PS3s and even recently Jimmy Choos but i have never been in one, lol.

Waiting patiently

Cat nap

Starting of the queue

Alvin and his papers

Alvin, who came yesterday did say that the line should be starting on the other side and not the front shutter as how the previous picture has indicated. So we lingered around there, till one of the Digi staff appeared.

At one glance, he looked like he was smirking at the crowd and when a girl stopped him and asked him a question (which i didn’t really hear), he replied aloud,

“What line ? The lines are all imaginary and it could be anywhere”

… and he continued laughing.


This of course set a commotion among those who overheard this ‘soft’ comment. I mean come on LAH, there’s like hundred plus people eagerly waiting and when you say something like that, obviously it will trigger some panic attack.

If a doughnut company can do a proper line for their customers/fans, i don’t see why can’t a telecommunication company as big as Digi can’t.

I mean this is not even their first day but in fact their 3rd day. If the people incharge of Digi noticed that they already had people lining up as early as 6am for the Friday’s promotion then obviously Saturday would be more since it’s a weekend.

Simple common sense.

Further more, having such an event in a shopping complex, please ler communicate with the security director or something to standardize everything. One fella says one thing, the other fella says no. I spoke to one of the guards and he said,

“Shopping complex buka pukul 10 je, tapi dah banyak orang. Siapa siapa pun tak beri tahu kami”.

It even came to a point where policemen with guns came to check out if everything was in control.

To add insult, that same person who represented Digi appeared amongst the crowd and said this:

I had to stop recording by then cause people were already shoving about when he mentioned the line will start in front of him instead ! Seriously ?! WTF ?!

So everyone in the current queue ran towards him and everyone started pushing like mad. I am not sure if he was trying to play God by seeing how everyone actually follows his command. Too bad i was just standing near a pillar observing how unprofessional the whole thing has become.

Next, he said he won’t open the shutters unless everyone leaves that floor as in Lower Ground Floor -_-! And that made everyone run off to the nearest exit. WTF again ?!

So as i cleared to the Ground floor, a parent was telling me this is very very bad. It will definitely cause injuries if everyone were to run towards the entrance when he gives the signal. Probably it was a test of the fittest -_-” Who runs there first gets a Curve or a HP mini -_-”

Wait !

It doesn’t stop there. That’s like probably the tip of the iceberg.

People eventually started lining up again at the main shutter and after a grueling 45mins or so, we heard the line was to be started where Alvin mentioned earlier and that cause everyone to rush to the back.

After the line extended to God knows where, that fella from Digi made the most ridiculous rule of the day,

“I know most of you are gonna hate me for this but priority is  DIGI CUSTOMERS FIRST”.

At that very point, i told my brother let’s go ler. Most of the people were in shocked. I on the other hand was trying to finish a game of scrabble but got distracted when he made that announcement. In a way, he does have every right to say that since he is representing Digi. There’s definitely the good and bad to that outcome. It would be good for the current Digi users as it’s an advantage for them but on the other hand, Digi would have lost other customers who were eagerly waiting to get a new line from Digi though the amount is probably 44 or slightly more.

The whole freaking fiasco could have been done in an orderly manner if they had just observed on what was happening for the past few days.

Frankly i was really expecting probably a line that will be setup for people to queue up and not throw remarks like the lines are all imaginary lines. Seriously WTF.

I definitely can’t blame Digi on the whole because it’s these few people who usually screw things up. Take for an instance the person behind the Digi twitter @digi_telco, the bugger actually blocked me just because i tweeted Digi can suck my toes, LOL. Hello if you can’t take criticism then don’t bother handling the facebook and twitter for heaven’s sake. Are we like suppose to praise all the time -_-”  Wake up and smell the coffee please.

I am still gonna wait for the next chance to get a Digi line since Angeline won’t be shifting telco anytime soon and hopefully the next time would be a pleasant one and not as unprofessional as the stated above.

What ever happened on Saturday is just one big mismanagement, period. Digi is not to be blamed but it’s the people who were incharge. Even if you are not expecting such a commotion but the way it was handled during the whole thing was really ridiculously unprofessional.

“It’s always the smarter choice if you have the right people managing your events.”

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  1. I think I am more disappointed on how we were treated than not getting the curve. Very good write up

  2. Maybe you should also think how the crowd themselves reacted. Cutting Q and starting arguments. Nobody told you to line up at 3am. Why no one blames 1Utama security? They’re sleeping on the job when they allow ppl in @ 4 am. This is everybody’s fault and not one party alone.

  3. Disappointed: no worries, i am sure they would come up with more promotions in the near future. i too will be waiting :D

    crazywrazy: oi when coming back ? go yam cha

    MJ: lol yeah. only 44 lucky ones got the phone.

    Ghim: probably you did over shoot the part where i said i wasn’t in line and started walking around. what i wrote was just based on observation. as for the security, i believe a coordination meeting would have been a wise thing to do. i did ask the guard and he said he also dunno anything. appreciate your comment but it would be even great if you did spend some time reading. other than that you are definitely right on ‘it’s everybody’s fault’.

  4. Digi, we have a communication problem…bzz..and not it seems Digi, we now have a bad publicity problem. lol. Btw, Digi 3G has the lowest coverage as of now.

  5. i was there @10pm on friday as i started Q i am number 8 then the security guards chase us out @11pm+ then almost 30+ppl of use hang out @ 4th floor. then the all the guys very cooperative that they check out the place every 15min until around 1am+ got ppl started Q up there so all of us 30+ppl rush down to the place then guards again chase us out but this time we out of the building where near to FCUK entry there.. mostly 100+ ppl is Q in order, while waiting mostly ppl plying PSP,laptop, sleeping.

  6. adoi.. digi package is so cheap.. with more promotion n very very cheap n reasonable price.. but i`m afraid about the connection.. will it getting low?

  7. simon: yeah communication problem. but publicity wise, digi is definitely the better one comparing to maxis and celcom, especially their ads :P their 3G are being rolled out slowly, so soon it should blanket the country i guess :)

    amelia: yeah that’s what i heard. when i reached there i did see tonnes of ppl queuing up near FCUK, all damn semangat :P

    wniizati: connection is good. i have even done video calls from maxis to digi and it works great :D i am sure they will come out with more promotions in the near future :)

    clemento: nope. i am not.

  8. Hey, Good report on whats happening that day. I wasnt there but my friend were complaining about it. Well, thanks to your nice skill, he was in your photo entitled “cat nap”. Nice shot. =)