Angelyn and Nicole

Canon & Nikon working together in Nikonian Academy ?

Angelyn and Nicole

To be frank, i was kinda skeptical attending their function especially with the crazy-ass fanboyisme on what brand of cameras being used but i was proven WRONG !

The people running this place are really passionate about photography and are willing to teach just about anyone.

I met Ken ( who is one of the trainers there and so happened a Canon user, lol. He was happy enough share tips on how to shoot.

That’s what i wrote regarding ‘Nikonian Academy’s 2000th forum member celebration’ in facebook more than a month back and i am now finally writing about it -_-!

Backlog backlog backlog.

Anyway let me start all over again.

I got to know about Nikonian Academy thru Evie at first via facebook. I was sent the links to check it out but i never paid much attention simply because the name itself would definitely put Canon users like me at risk of being on the otherside of the fence. One fine afternoon, Aaron actually told me that there’s this function in Nikonian Academy in Kota Damansara and asked me to check it out. I was pretty confident that Aaron knew i didn’t have the slightest interest till he told me that they are opened to all and there so many other brand users there.

After registering at their forum and filling in the necessary details to attend the party, i finally met up with Aaron, Daniel, David and Alvin. Upon registering my name, i met Ken and it was him who convinced me that i wasn’t walking into the lion’s den, rofl.

They were all there to teach photography to anyone who is interested regardless of brands.

I have been to a few photography forums and it’s kinda annoying when replies are like, Canon is better, No nikon is better, etc. So after having a long chat with Ken, he said it’s different over here and then he finally told me that he himself is a Canon user, lol.

After having dinner, we headed upstairs where we were given access to their studio. That’s where Angelyn and Nicole were kind enough to pose for all of us. Ken then insisted that i unleash the beast, i mean my Canon 400D rofl.

“Your el-cheapo 50mm lens will do”

“Seriously ? I have a straight f/2.8 lens but if 50mm is all i need then wokie dokie”

This was actually my first ever so called fashion shoot under supervision. Malaysian Dream Girls were basically amateur shots cause i was assigned to write articles most of the time. I was really excited to be honest.


1st: I was getting tips for free (typical Penangite)

2nd: I always believed my 50mm lens could be maximized but i just didn’t know how

3rd: I was in a proper studio with 2 models !

From there on i just snapped snapped snapped all the way …

*pictures all way down and all shot using 50mm*

Nicole & Angelyn


Angelyn & Nicole



Nicole & Angelyn

Angelyn & Nicole

Andrew Boey

After the photoshoot, we went back down to have 2nd helpings aka supper. Andrew then played around by singing and the girls pretended to play with the instruments.

Some of us were still upstairs when majority had gone down and so the rest of us (Daniel, David and Alvin) took this opportunity to be under the spotlight. Aaron and i quietly stayed behind the cameras, lol


David Chong


I would definitely recommend anyone who has intentions to learn photography to go to Nikonian Academy. Besides that, you also have your photography needs in their store.

*Just realized this! 30% off on camera equipments?! Heading there soon :P*


Nikonian Discovery Centre (NDC)

13, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand,

Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya


  1. Wah … hiding all the good shots so long ….. now only post up …. :P
    nice shots by the way …. Now you know your beast el-cheapo 50mm lens is the best cam ho lens …. XD