Meet the Parents: Weird moments

The last time I wrote about my first encounter with dolphin’s parents were many moons back and if you haven’t read or can’t recall the main subject of that particular meet was her pet Husky!


Though it was Malu-ation for me but over the months it got better but occasionally I did have my moments.

A week after meeting her parents I was back again. This time around I wasn’t as nervous but as cool as a cucumber. While waiting for her to get ready, her mum asked if would like to read the papers in Hokkien T.T Just Before I could show her mum that i do know how answer her in hokkien, my phone decided to jump in:

“Ding ding”

“Lost satellite connection”

“Ding ding”

“Lost satellite connection”


Her mum got a shock cause:

1) The voice was blaring out as the volume was set to the max

2) I was trying to get my phone out of my pocket but for some reason the phone decided to get stuck in the pocket.

So it was kinda awkward. A voice screaming that there’s no satellite connection and me looking like a fool.

Moral of the Story: Double check your phone if you forgotten to turn off the GPS XD Another tip is, have appropriate ringtone. At that point of time i had “Sexy Can I” as my ringtone. Though i only had certain part of the song but the words were:

Sexy can I, hit it from the front,
then I hit it from the back.
know you like it like that.
then we take it to the bed, then we take it to the floor

bang wall

After that day i changed it, hahaha :P