My 2010 starts now, hello !

I am finally back !

Gosh the last time i updated my blog was last year, hahaha. One of the main reasons for my no-action is because i was on a backpacking trip in our neighbouring country more than a week ago. Unlike the rest who followed me, i never had the energy to write an entry right after i got back.

I was vomiting profusely upon arrival and decided to rest for the whole week and here i am, strong as a stallion *coughs*

It’s 2010 ! and it’s sad to see what has happened to Haiti. Imagine 1/3 of the population gone just like that, which simply shows 2012 is getting momentum XD we will never know what will happen next and best if we spend our time wisely especially with our loved ones :)

My backpacking trip which is currently in the 2nd year running has definitely opened my eyes wideeeee. One shouldn’t procrastinate

All in all, the trip was excellent. Everything that Angeline and i planned, turned out just like we wanted. Probably we need to trim the size of the group cause as expected, the bigger it is, the harder to control.

My 2010 will start from now ! Yes January is almost ending and i have a lot of catching up to do :)

Here’s a snippet on what’s coming up soon !


Prambanan Temples

Water Castle – Taman Sari

Stay Tuned !


  1. very nice article… i like the way you assemble it,the pics with that video and the song from moby :d