Evie with the bags

Wacoal Sensuala – Lingerie Party

Last month Wacoal had a Calendar Girl launch for their new line called Sensuala. 14 girls were chosen to be part of this Calendar launch where only 12 girls will be featured.

All 10 passes will be reserved under your name and may be collected at our guest registration area on the same day before the event at Mist Club.

Thank you and see you there.

Evie and Aaron reached first, followed by me. The rest only came after 30minutes or so. The event itself didn’t start on time and most of us just lingered outside. I finally met up with Diese, Simon and Dennis, who were all once upon a time under Malaysian Dream Girls. It has been almost a year since MDG ended and to my surprise, Wacoal Sensuala event is also the same management. I met the crews again and non of them changed a bit, lol.

The event eventually started and the rest slowly came in one by one. In the end there were like more than 10 of us for one tiny table. Of course most of us were rooted at the stage rather than the table for obvious reasons. It was one of the few times where i see a sea of photographers in any one place. In fact, there were more photographers than the audience i think.

SerenaC was the emcee of the night and she was hilarious with her impromptu jokes but for some reason, i realized not many got it. Everyone must be damn slow.

Frankly, the whole event was kinda choppy and the girls themselves weren’t sure what to do at times. Some of the photographers were telling me that why can’t they all stop and pose rather than zooming off the stage, lol. I have nothing to complain though. Was simply there to practice my night shots and also enjoy my cup of Coke.

In between the parading of the lingerie, there were filler entertainments like dance routines by the So You Think You Can Dance dancers. which i thought did an excellent job! and a pole dance routine. Most of the pictures are in my gallery, wouldn’t want to flood one entry with 85 pictures.

Please take note that some pictures are slightly NSFW. Click the pics below to view the rest of the pictures.

*update:  the whole site is kinda slow right now because of the gallery, so i will reduce the quality of the pics so it loads faster :)


The highlight of the night is definitely the short video intros that are shown before each girl hit the stage and it’s not any normal ‘hello-my-name-is’ video. But the girls are given different types of food and they are asked to each sensually, ROFL. This segment is called How to Eat Sensually.

Here’s one example by L’oreal:

After the event, Aaron aka Woolala, Daniel, Jason, Evie and I dropped by McD for a super late dinner and it was really nice catching up with all. We should do that more often.

On top of that, i realized how efficient foursquare is. Upon checking into McD, AaronHo aka cincauhangus sms-ed me asking who else is at McD with me. Hahaha.


  1. How to eat sensually..its looks like the gal is really trying hard to eat the twister..haha..nice ‘HOT’ photos btw in gallery..lucky never open this in office..lolz

  2. aaron: lol thanks but not as sharp as urs T.T

    angeline: hahaha yeah now that u say it, she does look like a scorpion

    crazywrazy: rofl what a statement :P

    daniel: apa ler u :P

    jason: thankx :)

    steven: eh lol, yeah luckily didn’t open in office :P

    simonso: hahaha yessss. grew out of it

    amega: thanks ! :D