Pavillion KL Lotus F1

Flash Mob and the Stig at Lotus F1 event, Pavillion

I had the privilege to be at the Lotus F1 Homecoming event yesterday which was held at the Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. It was the first time the F1 cars were unveiled to the country and everyone was there. Datuk Tony Fernandez who is the man behind the resurrection of Lotus F1 was unable to be there as he was in South Africa seeking for more sponsors, i think :)

Those attended were Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, CEO of Sepang Circuit, the Naza brothers, the Lotus F1 drivers, team principal.

This event also marks the entry of Maxis as one of their sponsors, hence the Maxis logo at the side of the car nose tips.

I met up with Biresh who is the PR, Marketing & Communications Manager of He briefed on what was the agenda like and since i had more than half an hour to spare, i lingered around. Later on i met 2 more other invited guest, Mohd Zaid and Taylor Ling.

As it drew closer for the event to start, more and more people packed the center atrium to have a glimpse on what’s going on.

There’s a section for F1 lovers to try out the simulators.

Even Stig was there to view the Lotus F1 team.

Without any warning, a flash mob happened. Well that’s that flash mobs are supposed to do, lol. People in yellow and green T-shirts started dancing to Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. The thing about Malaysian crowd is that they rarely appreciate this type of surprise, rofl. Seriously ! When they were done, people were still left in a state of shock or they were just too lazy to clap :P

Btw i think Jason Lo was in the video as well :D

It was finally 3.30pm and the media area was packed O.O!

Everyone waited for the appearance of the VVIPs.

After the opening speeches, the car was unveiled by the drivers. At this point i realized my camera is performing badly under these lighting conditions T.T

I have no intentions to upgrade the body yet.

Tun Dr. Mahathir.

I spotted Alex Yoong on the other side :P

Waiting to meet the drivers, the Tune people or the Tuners *LOL* kept making sure we never strayed off cause everything was gonna be fast paced.

We were then ushered to Michelangelo for tea time. There we got to mingle meet the Lotus F1 team minus the crowd.

Both Trulli and Fauzy looked tired and quiet compared to Heiki who was constantly tweeting and greeting fans, hahaha. Vast difference.

There’s not much description for this entry though i know most of you know i can be very wordy at times in my entries but this time, i would leave it to the pictures. The pictures are not the best but i think it will do :P

Want to thank Mohd. Zaid for sharing the pictures with me in it :D

It would be crazy to put all pictures in this very entry, so instead i have the rest of the pictures in my gallery :) Feel free to view them, all 200 plus of pics :)

I want to thank again for the given opportunity to meet Jarno Trulli, Heikki Kovalainen and Fairuz Fauzy.

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