Walking around Jogja

Yogyakarta Day 1: The nightlife laughter that haunts you

Very often i would read other people’s experience in Indonesia but rarely they would document the night life and in this case Jogjakarta a.k.a Yogyakarta’s night life. A few weeks prior to our departure date, i tried looking up google for any pictures or videos on the Jogjakarta at night but to my avail there were barely anything.

Probably because there’s basically nothing to show other than the typical night markets that are scattered all around town.

Fortunately for us, when we were dropped in the middle of the town there were quite a number of things that were going on. First off there was a movie shoot and on the other end of the road there’s their local funfair.

We headed towards the night markets in search of light snacks.

It was quite obvious that there were quite a number of eyes staring at our way. Ok maybe staring is a bit harsh but we definitely made a few heads turn. Imagine 10 people with at least 8 hugeass cameras and with weird looking clothes that don’t blend in well with the public; that’s definitely gonna turn some heads for sure. Not forgetting the loud conversation in Hokkien that we have most of the time.

On the pathway you would see at least 10 satay sellers on each side of the road. If i am not mistaken it was like 4000 rupiah for 10 sticks ? All i know it was dirt cheap !

I quickly whipped out my wallet, got myself 10 sticks and when i  ate the first one, all i felt was something rubbery. Upon further inspecting, i realized it was …

… chicken skin !

No wonder it was so cheap, there’s barely any meat T.T

And so my hunger continued.

I was adamant not to get into any restaurant and rely solely on hawker food :P Since there’s plenty of stalls along the way, we just tried what ever we thought that looked pleasing.

Here you can see Emily and Elise trying some kuih muih. I tried one, it was strawberry flavoured. Tasted something like muachee.

We stumbled into this stall by accident cause a few of us got curious when we saw the seller serving some kinda soup to his customers. I decided to try and it looked like as though he was preparing hot tong sui. The only difference is that the soup was gingery and not forgetting the cube looking bread that he added in.

It was definitely refreshing and it’s a must try for those who happened to be in Yogyakarta !

We later turned back and walked towards the funfair where on the way we tried again different types of food. Mostly were like yong tau fu.

Knowing that what ever we ate so far wasn’t gonna last us through the night, we had our real dinner in the funfair itself. There were different food stalls set up all around the place and we went to the first one we saw.

All of us ordered teh botol which is jasmine tea. Another drink that you would have to try when you are in Indonesia.

I ordered Nasi Goreng Special and it was damn nice ! Angeline on the other hand ordered some bakso soup. The first time i had bakso soup was in Western Digital. Whenever i don’t feel well, i would order bakso soup from the canteen and seeing the name in the menu made me realize that it originated from Indonesia :P

The place we sat wasn’t the best place cause it was serious very very noisy.

It’s obvious that most of us are in the blur stage when this was recorded. The loud noise around us plus the fatigue = blurness tahap badak. The crazy lady laughing at the background comes from the nearby haunted house. This you would hear in the next 2 videos as well. Kinda spooky man the laughter.

After dinner we walked around to see what does the funfair have to offer.

I noticed most of the locals were queuing up for this ride. Probably it’s the current in-demand ride and everyone wants to experience it, hehehe. I asked Angeline if she would want to try cause i was willing to pay for her entrance fee. After all, how much could it bee.

She asked me to shut up T.T


This is the video of the ride in full action. Hehehe.

After that we headed back to rest as tomorrow was another long day :)

P/S: Thank you Angeline for the pictures ! :D

… to be continued


    1. hahahaha it was kinda disgusting at one point. like as though you are playing with ur phlegm in your mouth, if you get what i mean :P

  1. David, you and your awareness of fats. Enjoy life please.

    LOL… we really should do something different le. Do something where later next time we look back at time, wondered why we didn’t go on that ride, why we didn’t climb up the mountain when we could WAHAHAHHA…

    I am glad I did most of them. XD Anyway nice series. Mine still somewhere in the archives

    1. hahaha daniel, but serious wei. you didn’t try ? :P

      yessss that’s what i was trying to implement in most of the trips, to do things out of the ordinary but then again not every individual are suited for those kinda things.

      good ler for you, get to see the places before 2012. rofl