Haeun Khon Restaurant

Korean Restaurant gets invaded by Thai Villager

It was more than 2 weeks ago that some of us decided to drop Amcorp Mall to pay a visit to Joey’s stall. He was selling some items from his shop which is based in Kelantan. Before we went there, we had lunch at Haeun Khon Restaurant. It was a Korean / Japanese / Chinese restaurant and it seems to be famous for it’s kimchi sets.

I wasn’t mentally ready to torture my mouth more over i was dead hungry, especially after queuing up like a cow for close 2 hours to ride a hot air balloon. That i will talk about in my up coming post.

This was Angeline’s, which was too vege-ish for my liking. When i am hungry, i definitely need meat and not make myself greener. Nevertheless it tasted quite ok.

The 2 above, Evie and Vivien, decided to have the pot of kimchi. I can’t even finish the small portion of kimchi that was served to me, imagine finishing a pot of it. It smelled spicy. Yeah you read it write, it smelled spicy, LOL.

Everyone doing their rituals before actually diving into their food and that’s to photograph what’s gonna be in their stomachs for lunch, lol.

We had a surprise visit from a Thai villager and he goes by the name Joey, hahaha. Having a stall that emphasizes on Thai goods, Joey had to get into the zone by dressing up in their traditional costume.

His believe was that he who has the headgear on, shall be photographed with everyone.

Joey then picked a victim to be part of his ritual, Aaron was the nearest. Aaron’s face says it all, ROFLMAO.

… and there you have it, our new King of Port Klang. All rise …

The rest laughed at the new King O.O!


My meal was one of the last few to be served, so i hijacked Angeline’s bowl.

My lamb finally came. It was a bit dry for my liking but then again i was dead hungry, so anything goes ! Nom nom nom.

Daniel came late as he had class till 1pm. He also went for the pot of chillpowder kimchi set like Evie and Vivien.


A scene after a war erupted, lol.

You guys should try this place. It’s at the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall.

Haeun Khon Restaurant,

Lot 342 & 345, 3rd Floor,
Amcorp Mall, 46050
Petaling Jaya.