An award for my blog or April Fools Prank?

Yesterday i had the chance to be at the Sepang F1 Circuit for a tour around Vodafone McLaren Mercedes garage thanks to Lenovo Malaysia. Basically it’s to highlight how Lenovo has been integrated into the team and it’s definitely an eye opener. That i will talk about in my upcoming entry.

What i wanted to focus on was that yesterday was April 1st, April Fools Day and i have always tried to be more alert when it comes to pranks.

After having breakfast with the good people of Lenovo Malaysia, we were briefed by Mr Khoo on how Lenovo and F1. After the briefing, he was to give out a token of appreciation and naturally i took my camera out.

Little did i know, i was the recipient when i was called up.

Looking rather confused, i think i took a good few seconds that it’s not a prank and i better get myself up there. Upon receiving, i was amazed that my name was on it as well as my url.


I was like woahhhhh ! I had had trophies for scrabble, monopoly and even cooking competition *yes i won 1st prize in cooking and no it’s not April Fools* but never had anything for my blog. Though i have reduced in the amount of entries compared to a few years back, i still do try to write whenever i have the spare time.

It is in a way funny to see the url there, hehehe.

I took a snap shot and sent to my mum. My mum asked if i don’t have anything better to do on April Fools Day, hahaha. An interesting way to start April.

Thanks again Lenovo Malaysia and Mr Khoo for being very hospitable host :)

On the side note, the next few days will determine if Manchester United will be trophy-less for this season. With Rooney out of the game for at least the next few week. Opponents like Chelsea and Bayern Munich will definitely try to make the most out of it. To make maters worse interesting, both games will be played at Old Trafford.

Any predictions? :)