Tumblr on iPhone

Do you Tumblr?

I came across this platform quite sometime back but it never clicked me to use it as i am always on the go and i needed something on my phone which was fast enough to punch away and attach photos if possible.

Then i was told by Joshua that there’s an app for Tumblr in AppStore.

There and then, i downloaded and started off.

Not like it’s gonna replace this blog but at least now i have a place to post up random pictures and also write super random entries.

The past few hours i realized there are quite a number of people that already have or had just registered with Tumblr. The next big question was whether it does the same like blogspot.

Well you do have to get use to it’s way of handling different categories of entries.

These are the categories for your entries and each of it will have slightly different presentation which is kinda cool ! I have yet to try all of it but by the looks of how the quotes appeared, i can say the rest should be as eye pleasing as the rest.

One problem i had was that there’s no comment functionality. Tumblr doesn’t have the comment system built in.

So what do you do to have comments in Tumblr?

Disqus.com !

Upon signing up, you will be asked to choose a shortname for Disqus. Then headover to the Dashboard of your Tumblr, click Customize which is on your right side bar. Find for Appearance which is on the top bar and inser the created shortname from Disqus into “Disqus Shortname” section.

Walla !

Now you have comment function in your Tumblr !

Of course this only works automatically for certain templates. If it doesn’t appear, then grab the codes from Disqus and paste it in the html code :)

Happy Tumblr-ing and Happy Commenting !

Btw, mine is WTFish.tumblr.com !

Hahaha i was bored ok when i was choosing a name :P