Asking for ransom

I paid 9 Chicken McNuggets for a date

It was the eve of my birthday and i had just flown back to Penang to spend some time with my family and also Angeline. I haven’t slept the day before because of some last minute datelines and just before i called it a day, i received a message.

Not from a usual sender.



It was from Angeline’s brother.

I do have his number in my phone and that’s because the tendency of Angeline’s phone running out of juice is very high. Thus, having back up numbers to contact her is essential.

So the next day, i got ready to drive over to house and before arriving, i did get what was asked in exchange for Angeline.

A box of Chicken McNuggets!

So a date with my girlfriend is worth 9 pieces of Chicken McNuggets!

Of course Angeline, didn’t know what was happening as she was busy getting herself ready. I left the nuggets on the dinning table and sent him a message …

“The nuggets are on the table; with BBQ sauce”.

When i came back from the car after 5 minutes, the nuggets disappeared, LOL. He took it with him into his computer room. Later on only did i tell Angeline about the ransom asked and she replied …

“Why didn’t you get the 20 pieces? T.T 9 pieces only ar ?”

I usually bring my DSLR where ever i go but this time i left it at home. It’s my birthday and i am not gonna weigh my shoulders down with my camera bag. I relied on my phone and Angeline had her PnS camera with her which was good enough for a date.

Not the best shots but it’s good enough to be in a collage :D

We went to Gurney and hung around in Toys ‘R’ Us before our movie started.

Angeline wasted her time finding my name in those “Your-Name-On-A-Keychain” section.

We were actually in Gurney to catch a dragon, i mean to watch How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. For those who haven’t watched it, please do so. It’s hilarious !

Then we left for dinner. Angeline was the one who planned where to eat and i had no clue to where was this place. I drove blindly *literally*.

It’s called Ferringhi Garden Restaurant. Frankly i never even knew this place existed. Probably that’s because i am always driving and it’s hard to looking around.

The surrounding of this restaurant is really nice.

It’s a good place to photograph especially with the sun setting.

The food was delicious; we had some seafood platter where it consisted of crabs, lobsters, fish, etc.

So there you have it, i paid 9 pieces of Chicken McNugget to go on a date with my girlfriend on my birthday.

Hahaha strange …. but true.