Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Keychain

McLaren Mercedes Merchandise, thanks to Lenovo Malaysia!

Having the chance to be one of few to experience what is it like to be in the garage of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team was simply AWESOME !

All this were made possible by Lenovo Malaysia !

So a big big big thank you Lenovo Malaysia and also not forgetting Lenovo Singapore !

While i was still in a state of awe the days after that, i received an email again saying there’s a package for me and i decided to collect it on my own. I was given a bag filled with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Merchandise.

Ahhhh, damn nice can !

Since this experience was published in the papers, they took the liberty of putting the article in a transparent frame for me :D

I finally had the chance to try it out after being down having fever, sorethroat and cold for the past few days. Not the best representation but it’s better than nothing i guess :P

Thank You Lenovo Malaysia ! :D