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Yogyakarta Day 2: Swimming pool filled with wives

After Prambanan temple, we headed back to our guest house and packed. Some of us took a quick shower while some waiting at the lobby. We were only asked to pay before leaving which worked in my favour, as i had no idea how the place was gonna be and paying over the net wouldn’t be ideal.

We got into our van and left for the Water Castle which is in the middle of the town, nearby the fun fair we were at the night before.

As i have said in the previous entries that we only had less than 24 hours in Yogyakarta because of a last minute change in our flight schedule. That didn’t really hamper our plans, we just had to make sure we used the time well to cover the three main point of interests in Yogyakarta. The first day was dedicated for Borobudur, simply because it was really far. The next morning was Prambanan, which is actually on the way to the airport and after checking out, we would drop by Taman Sari, which is also on the way.

The Water Castle also known as Taman Sari acted as the bathing complex for the then Sultans. Entrance fee is Rp7000, which works out to RM 2.60. Before we entered, we had a confusion. We were told that we had to pay for our cameras and it was gonna cost us RM 18 ! We wasted time on this matter, thinking if it was worth that much. I walked back and asked the person why is it so expensive. He replied, “Cause it’s for 10 pax”

Earlier on i asked him nicely, how much would be person and not once he mentioned that it was for 10pax. Some communication skills that fella has -_-!

To make matters more interesting, he even calculated wrongly. Per entry is Rp7000 (RM2.60) and for the camera its Rp1000 (RM0.37). So it’s only 37 cents to bring in your camera.

We then got ourselves a guide with no extra charges. Most of the people who work in this grounds, cleaner, guide, painters, etc, are all decedents of maids and helpers of the Sultan. The guide explained that they were not paid was given a place to stay and food. But as time goes by, their jobscope changes. Though the guides are free of charge but they usually expect tips at the end of the tour, which i think is fair enough :)

Notice that it’s in plural? Wives. Yeap all of them will swim in the area, yes all together, at the same time.

Here we have Angeline reenacting what one of the wives could have done, many centuries ago. Hahaha. Notice the tall building on the left side?

There is a reason why it’s there.

As we walked towards the 3 level building, our guide stopped and plucked a certain fruit from the plant you see above. He then told us this was used as the nail polisher in those times. So the girls took turns to have their fingers done.

Earlier on i said the tall building has a reason for being there, well here it is, the highest floor. Aaron reenacts how one of the Sultans could have done. No no, not take a photo but to have his pick.

You see, having so many wives and all of them swimming in the pool below, the Sultan would pick one of them to join him in the private pool which is behind this very building.

This observatory area is actually quite small. When the 10 of us got up there, the other tourists were asked to wait till we came down back. Ai Ling also having a pick i think, hehehe.

After the Sultan has swam with the chosen one, both of them will them end up in the bedroom which is on the 1st floor.

Noticed the holes below the bed?

That’s where they burn charcoal if i am not mistaken, to keep them warm on a cold day.

After that we headed down and on the way out, we were shown their handicraft shop. Our guide kept reminding us that they only survive by being a guide and selling handicraft goods. We on the other hand were on a backpacking trip, thus budgets are kept to a minimum.

We gracefully declined any purchase and before leaving we collected a few thousand rupiahs from each of us as tips for the guide.

I realized i never took much pictures of myself during my Cambodia trip and this time i did make it an effort, LOL.

We got into our van and headed towards the airport. On the way we stopped by at some shop by the road side to have our lunch. I kept reminded the driver i want something local and not some restaurant like how we had our lunch the day before.

The name of the shop is Soto Pak Marto. I ordered Soto Campur and Es Sejuk. Sooner or later i realized some of the food names were familiar like in the food court in Western Digital.

This was what i wanted, local food!

I was satisfied in a way but the portion was so small ! T.T

Before paying, ah kua walks in and starts uttering God knows what. She or he had a basket for so called donations. When we all ignored and walked off to the counter to pay, he/she said something which was an insult i think but i couldn’t care less.

We left for the airport and upon arriving, we stacked our bags on the trolley and headed to the departure gates. Before we could even enter, the lady security guard stopped us and demanded a boarding pass. I explained to her that we are on AirAsia and we will only get our boarding pass when we are in the hall.

She still demanded to see the boarding pass.

I knew something like this would happen, that is why i printed out each and everyone’s itinerary. It is thick and heavy but it definitely comes handy in this kinda situation.

After reviewing the itinerary, she reluctantly allowed us through.

Next stop ….. JAKARTA !


    1. Hey Sue Lin. How are you? :) yeah Indonesia is really a nice place to visit/travel. I might just go back to Bali again soon