Arriving in Jakarta

Jakarta: Taxi = Alphard

It was like 2 months before our Yogyakarta + Bali trip and i received a message from AirAsia notifying that our connecting flight in Jakarta got canceled and it was scheduled for the next day. After going through all possible options, the best outcome was…

Walking to the Post Office

It’s easy to register as a voter!

I finally reached the legal age to be a voter and to be a responsible citizen, i registered myself at a nearby post office. Surprisingly, it took me less than a minute. Probably the longest part of the whole process was waiting for your turn….

bang wall

Roti apa kamu mau?

I was waiting in front of a stall for my roti naan to be done when I was suddenly greeted by a small kitten right in front of me. It kept purring which got the attention of one of the fellas from the stall. He…