Arriving in Jakarta

Jakarta: Taxi = Alphard

It was like 2 months before our Yogyakarta + Bali trip and i received a message from AirAsia notifying that our connecting flight in Jakarta got canceled and it was scheduled for the next day. After going through all possible options, the best outcome was to spend a night in Jakarta itself.

Since Jakarta was never in our initial plan, we had to find the cheapest place to stay so that it doesn’t blow our travel budget.

Before the trip, Angeline and i googled for transportation, food as well as places to stay. Estimated cost was to be less than RM150.

It was raining when we arrived. As i looked out of the window i realized AirAsia Indonesia had a bus to ferry us from the plane to the terminal. WHAT a relief! Imagine getting soaked in the rain >.<!

The clip is kinda fuzzy. Took it with my trusty e71 :)

The terminal that we were in was some sort of like low cost terminal but definitely better than LCCT. As i said earlier, Angeline and I have done our homework on the price of the taxis. That enabled us to be sure of what to take.

I was told to get the BlueBird taxi but since i had 10 pax, 2 taxis won’t do.

As for the place that we were gonna overnight, we gone with the guesthouses along Jalan Jaksa, which is famous among backpackers.

So a quick check with google maps on how far was Jalan Jaksa from the airport, i was able to estimate how much the taxi fares could be as they run on meters.

The magic number we were looking was about Rp 200,000.

I negotiated with the counter on what kind of taxi that could fit us all and after browsing through their list of taxis, i went with the …


It was no ordinary Alphard but one that is equipped with GPS and WIFI!

Yes! WIFI man!

We all walked out of the terminal and within minutes 2 Alphards appeared and their doors opened automatically! Hahahah damn stylo! Too bad half of us looked like Ah Pek kia. The driver that i got was named Dadee, pronounced as Daddy and he was one of the most friendly drivers i have ever met!

He conversed with us non-stop and he was fluent in English. At one point on the highway, Ai Ling spotted a man in his cart selling food and so she asked what is he selling.

Dadee answered, “Bak Pau”.

The rest of us were like Hah? Bak Pau?

Dadee replied,” Yeah the filling is PORK!”

At that point i was amazed that i am in the largest Muslim country and there we saw a man selling Char Siew Pau in the middle of the road. The driver himself had no problem saying Bak Pau! Respect ler.

He then talked about the shopping complexes in Jakarta and there are more than 300 complexes in Jakarta alone! Probably one day i should spend a weekend in Jakarta alone.

Upon arrival at Jalan Jaksa, our meter showed, Rp 199,950. Thus rounding up to Rp 200,000. Love google maps, hahaha.

The guest house that we aimed to get was full for the night (we can’t reserve over email and had to walk in). So we ended up at Bloem Stead.

It was only for the night and no one complained. After all it’s a backpacking trip. After unpacking and washing up, we walked the streets in search for dinner.

Right at Jalan Jaksa, there was a shop that had Nasi Padang and since everyone wanted to try, we walked in.

The thing about Nasi Padang is that all types of dishes would be brought to your table and you only pick what you want. Those that aren’t taken wouldn’t be charged.

But then again, being foreigners and being in a place that had only a few shops opened so late in the night, the price tends to be higher than usual. Maybe Nasi Padang is expensive on the whole. Price a side, i thought the food was nice especially the Rendang. I know David just couldn’t stop eating that particular dish.

After dinner, we continued walking aimlessly in Jakarta until we realized we were kinda lost. Out came Google Maps again. It started drizzling and decided to call it a day. Before sleeping, i made a booking with the same taxi service to ferry us back to the airport at 8am.

The next day i got a wake up call from the taxi people themselves!

“Hello, ini Bapa Satkuru?” (Hello, is this Mr Satkuru?)

Yeah yeah

“Taxi akan tiba pukul 5 minit lewat 8″ (The taxis will arrive 5 minutes to 8 )

OK terima kasih (Thank you)

Damnnnnnnnn, that’s some taxi service!

All of us packed and waited outside for the taxis way before 7.50am. We wouldn’t want to be late and we were told Jakarta has one of the worst jams. Missing our flight to Bali was the last thing we would ever need.

I was dressed like an Ah Pek, shorts, slippers but who cares. I wanted to travel in comfort and light! This is the way to arrive at the airport …. in style!

Before we could enter the departure hall, the security guard didn’t allow us in as we didn’t have any tickets. Even after explaining to her that it’s ticketless and we had our booking numbers, she persisted not to allow us through. Foreseeing this scenario, i printed each and every booking itinerary as proof. After digging it out and presenting it to her, she reluctantly allowed us through.

We had about 1 hour plus to spare and so we tried their currypuffs, something like Old ChangKee. Not bad actually. Aaron had a few and so did i. None of us had breakfast.

Try 1A Crispy Puffs if you are ever in Jakarta :D

I hope i got the name right.

Next stop Baliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

P/S: I have to speed up with my Indonesia entries T.T Next trip is less than 2 months away :)