Arriving at the airport, Bali

Bali Day 1: We felt like hobbits in Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Our flight from Jakarta was on time. So after less than 24 hours, we were off to Bali. For those who have no idea on how far is it, imagine this. Java island is the main part of Indonesia. Yogyakarta is slightly at the middle, probably more to the west. Jakarta is at the far west of the island. Bali on the other hand is an island at the far east. It’s so far that the time there is +1 from Jakarta, lol.

Most of us if not all, knocked out as soon as the flight took off.

The next thing i knew was Angeline waking me asking if i wanted to eat as the stewardess were selling their onboard food. Flying from Jakarta to Bali, we were onboard AirAsia Jakarta and so they have certain food that aren’t available on the Malaysian flights. So we tried the different variety they had and they were definitely delicious!

After filling our stomachs, i could barely sleep and started meddling with all the ridiculous apps i had on my iPhone.

Before i knew it, the captain announced that we were landing shortly.

Finally, BALI !

The Bali airport reminded me of Penang Airport before it got renovated.

Lucky for us, the weather was excellent upon arrival unlike Jakarta where it was raining. We had to walk quite a distance from the plane and everyone looked excited on what has been installed in Bali!

As we exited from the arrival hall, i could see someone holding a sign with my name on it and it was Jess ! LOL. Jess, Steven and Keat Meng joined us for the Bali portion of the trip. Initially Wai Seng was suppose to come but he caught the flu bug and he wasn’t feeling any better a day before the trip.

The three of them were in Bali a day earlier.

As you can see the picture above, our Bali portion of the trip was managed by Adokys Travel which was recommended by my good friend who is in AirAsia. After many months and after tonnes of emails being exchanged, Angie (incharge of Adokys Travel) managed to get the places that i wanted. Angie is actually a Malaysian who runs this travel business in Bali itself.

So upon meeting up with Jess, Steven and Keat Meng, our group headcount ballooned to 13 pax. I was then introduced to Yoga who would be our guide for the rest of the trip.

We stopped for lunch on the way and as usually being so hungry and lazy, i didn’t take any picture of the place. We ate at Pawon Pasundan.

After that we headed to Garuda Wisnu Kencana also known as GWK. Some who have visited this place before wasn’t told why this place even existed.

This cultural park is devoted to the Hindu God, Vishnu and his mount, Garuda the mythical bird who is his companion. Due to the recent economy downfall in the region and also unfortunate bombings in Bali, the project was put on hold.

Had the project carried on, all statues seen in the park will be attached to create a mega statue which could reach almost half a kilometer high!

Nevertheless viewing the parts of the mega statue was already breath-taking.

Their version of lion dance? hehehe :D

Daniel got excited, lol

David shooting from afar. That’s part of the statue, Vishnu.

This part of the statue, the upper half body of Vishnu stands at the height of 20 plus meters.

The ladies helping me make my point on how huge the statue was :P

The Vishnu portion was to be mounted on to this Garuda portion. Like as though he is riding the mystical bird.

Aaron getting upclose and personal with Garuda :P

The ladies again, this time with Garuda portion :)

All out of a sudden, Daniel felt small. Like a hobbit. Seriously, everything here is HUGE!

Everything just kept getting BIGGER ! Check out how huge the limestones around us !

This was the final portion that was on display, Vishnu’s hands.

Angeline posing in front of Vishnu’s hands lol.

Yoga and the driver drove right to the last portion of the statue to fetch us unlike other who had to walk quite a distance to the carpark. Hehehe both Yoga and the driver were simply awesome during our whole stay in Bali ! That’s our ride btw :P

Next update will be about Uluwatu !


  1. fuiyo. this is one of the posts where you edited your pictures to the max (you know what i meant right? :P) Anyway, LOVEEEE the picture of me, Emily and Ailing with Garuda’s head behind! ^^

    1. Hong yeah the first few I was using but Ultra Wide Angle must use the slimmer polarizer. Unlike mine it will vignetting