20 cents and 1 rupee

Check your change before you leave

It cost me 60 cents to park for an hour near Sunshine Square and i handed over 1 ringgit. The change of 40 cents was returned and i rushed off as i had another appointment. Little did i know that instead of getting 40 cents, i had 1 x 20cents coin and 1 x 1 rupee (Indian currency).

I only found out about it when i returned home.

Both coins had similar sizes, they only differ by weight and that’s how i realized when i was emptying my pocket.

Based on today’s exchange rate:

1 rupee = 0.06988 MYR

that’s less than 7 cents. So it’s about 27 cents. My mum then told me that some parking attendants return coins in rupee or baht, so just double check before leaving.

It might only be 13 cents to some of us but it could be a lot if it was multiplied.

Lesson learned -_-!

On a side note:

I received a package from overseas a couple of days ago and i was ecstatic ! Will write about it soon :D