Bali Day 1: Monkeying around in Uluwatu and Jimbaran

After GWK (Garuda Wishnu Kencana), we were ferried to South Western part of Bali. Uluwatu was the next stop and i have always seen pictures of the temple (Pura Uluwatu) at the edge of the cliff. This place is 70meters above the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean.

If you have read my previous entry, you would have noticed in one of the videos where Yoga (our guide) had told us that the temples here are strict when it comes to ladies who have their monthly thingy. The other missing part that he also mentioned was about our attire. To enter the temples, one would need to put on sarung ( a cloth which is like 1.5meters in length. The main idea of such a rule is to cover your legs. Those with long pants would bypass this.


Just when we were getting all excited with the Sarungs, it started drizzling. Huge droplets of water came down from heavy looking clouds above us. Yoga quickly gathered us and brisk-walked to the edge of the cliff before the rain got any heavier.

Already walking under the rain with my DSLR was hard enough, we had to pass through a few thugs. I means thug-looking monkeys.

Yoga shouted at us to hold on to everything, including specs cause this monkeys could be ruthless.

After walking along a dirt path, we arrive at the edge of the cliff.

Thankfully the rain then stopped. The sea breeze here is simply crazy!

Warning: Reduce your volume before watching the video above. The sea breeze sound is deafening. Some of us who were standing at the edge of cliff were extra careful not to be blown away to the Indian Ocean, lol.

One for the album.

We were then welcomed by the resident monkey who was really baring it all. When i say baring it all, i meant he was really showing off his stuff.

From afar we could see the Kecak Dance performance  but we didn’t have the chance to watch it. Don’t miss it if you are happened to be visiting Uluwatu. It’s some sort of a monkey dance + fire. We simply didn’t have enough time and budget *coughs*.

After Uluwatu, it was time for dinner at Jimbaran. Jimbaran is  a famous dining spot because it’s on the beach. But unfortunately,we had to eat in their premises.

We were greeted by their local girl who would put a flower on our ears before entering. So we took turns to snap a photo with her including me :P

First time having Point Of View for this kinda things, lol.

Noticed anything ? HAHAHAHAHA

Dinner was not bad actually, i mean judging from how much we paid. Everyone was hyped up on what was installed next. The next thing we were about to do was the highlight of our whole Indonesia trip.

It was torturous!!! I practically died and reborn again a few times for this activity. It was the one time where i felt i was as blind as a bat. Simply relying on my useless torch light which could barely shine. Thankfully Angeline’s futuristic LED torch was super bright.

I will blog about it this activity on the up coming entry. But before that let me continue from where we left at Jimbaran. After dinner, we had travel for 3 hours to Hotel Surya. It was the nearest and most affordable place to stay in that area.

We arrived at 11pm and stepped out of the van, it was freezing cold! We quickly distributed the keys to all.

Stay tuned for the crazy thing we were about to do ! :D


    1. hahaha i was referring to david, lol. actually there’s more group photos and he was giving the shouting expression in all of it. lol