Sony Music Facebook Page

I am sure many of you here, if not all are fans of certain music out there. Personally i don’t have a favourite genre in particular. Since music is a universal language, i listen to many different languages. English, Malay, Chinese, Indian songs, just to name a few. Lyrics have their value if you understand well in the language but unfortunately my proficiency in both my mother and father tongue is dreadful. So the best i could do is appreciate the tune, lol

In this generation, every information is pushed out to users like me and you via the internet and to be more precise, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Sony Music Malaysia joined the bandwagon by having their very own Facebook Page.

There’s definitely perks of being a fan of their page. Off and on Sony Music Malaysia gives out freebies like CDs, notepads, any sort of merchandise. The most recent one where people were going gaga (no not like lady gaga) but i mean go crazy were the Glee giveaways. There are more to come in the future i am sure, so stay in touch with Sony Music Malaysia by liking their group :D

One of my all time favourite Sony Artist is Anggun. Wonder if some of you could still remember her songs

For those who have blogs, you can win yourselves 2 CDs by blogging about Sony Music Malaysia. To know more, headover here.