Backpacking to Philippines #php10

It was during last year’s Zero Fare when we bought our tickets for Philippines. It was before we even left for Bali, Jakarta and Yogyakarta! Crazy i tell you !

I never had any plans to travel right after Indonesia but with the total price for return flight RM 45 flashing on my screen, who could resist ?!

That’s right, 45 ringgit for a return tickets to Philippines. This was way before Airasia hiked up the price of check in luggage. You can say that we were lucky.

In the Philippines, we will be joined by our local Pinoy Ambassador, Hannah !

As usual, i won’t be going to the typical places but will be going far up north, Northern Luzon where we will stop at Vigan, Laoag City, Pagudpud and finally at Manila.

This time around, my bag has been significantly lighter cause the clothes i am bringing are light weighted ala jersey types. We would be traveling in public buses in certain area so a light bag would be a good bag, lol.

My DSLR is out again. It has been hibernating for God knows how long.

Every trip, ever since Cambodia i have been using Crocs as my footwear. Not only is it comfortable but easy to try especially when it rains and after i wash it due to dust and sand. This is actually my third pair T.T For some reason, each pair goes missing either on the final day of my backpacking trips or the week after the trip. Hopefully this pair stays put with me and doesn’t walk off on it’s on.

Found a fantastic money changer in Equine Park. The rates he gave me were so much higher comparatively to Penang.

Passport check!

Flight itineraries check! We will be boarding 4 airlines during this whole trip; Airasia, Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air and Malaysia Airlines.

Those on twitter, feel free to follow the hashtag #php10 :)

First stop, Tunehotels LCCT ! :)