iPhone 4: Maxis better? Digi cheaper? Who to go for?

I know it’s not one of the best photo shopped pictures out there but as long as it serves it’s purpose, hehehe. There’s so much news, tweets, facebook updates regarding iPhone4 lately. Malaysia finally will be getting this phone, along with China, Philippines, Thailand and even Turkey.

People have been asking me as well, who to go for?

Digi? or Maxis?

During the last model, iPhone 3Gs Digi had the obvious cheaper package. I was then stuck to my current contract to Maxis thus all i had to do was wait for the next launch.

Now that its finally here and after comparing both plans, i honestly couldn’t decide which was cheaper and so i typed out all on Excel to compare.

You see for me data plan is very important, like super important. Why? Cause i have been getting screwed on and off by Maxis billing department for exceeding my allocated bandwidth. Even when i’ve turned off my data under Settings.

So that got me into a frenzy on whether i should just try out Digi or maintain where i am and probably fix a limit with Maxis.

Now that there isn’t a common comparison except the allocated data which works for me. I thought comparing based on data would be a good benchmark. Further more i am only looking at both the cheapest package as i am always at a wifi-enabled area.

So looking at the chart above, who is actually cheaper? Clearly in the long run (24months) Digi is cheaper.

Let’s use iPhone4 32Gb model as an example. Under Maxis, you would end up paying RM 4190 and under Digi, RM 4002. Remember, this is for a 2 years contract. That works up to RM 188 savings and if you do auto-billing with Digi, they reduce your bill by another RM 5/month. So it comes up to RM 308 for 2 years which is RM 12.83 monthly savings under Digi.

This is also the same for the 16Gb model. A savings of RM 12.83 montly with autobilling ( RM 308 savings for 2 years). Thanks zen for pointing out my mistake ;)

Personally 2 years contract is just too long for me, who knows what the future holds, lol. So i am obvious opting for a 1 year contract.

As for you, if you have the choice between Maxis and Digi. Here’s a few things you have to take into account:

1) Make sure there’s 3G coverage in your area. This one most likely have to be done if you opt for Digi.

2) Make sure there’s 3G coverage in your area. This one most likely have to be done if you opt for Digi.

3) Make sure there’s 3G coverage in your area. This one most likely have to be done if you opt for Digi.

Talk time is also important to most of you out there. So please do compare how much each telcos are offering. As for the cheapest package under Maxis, iValue1 (RM 100) it’s 333minutes. iDigi88 (RM 63) offers 200 minutes and iDigi 138 (RM 93) offers 450 minutes.

I had a Digi number a few months back cause my Maxis bill keeps blowing up with my frequent calls to a Digi number. But i recently canceled it because i just couldn’t get a constant 3G connection when i move about. And Edge just doesn’t cut it for me.

Besides surfing the net, checking emails, tweeting and what not, i also utilize my monthly bandwidth by making calls via Skype. I am already given 500Mb monthly (old Maxis iValue1 package) and now with 1Gb plus 333minutes, i think i am staying put with Maxis. Sorry Angeline (she’s with Digi) :)

For those who wanna jump ship but retain their numbers, you can go through this process called Port-In. But please understand that the sales people earn LESS when a customer Ports-In thus the shitty customer service. A new number registration has a higher commission for them.

*update: just realized that Digi’s 2 years contract only has warranty for 1 year. Maxis on the other hand, gives 2 years warranty. 1 year standard by Apple + 1 year by Maxis themselves. Awaits Digi for any update.

Conclusion: If you are looking at a one year contract, there’s only one place obviously and that’s Maxis.

For 24months, Digi is cheaper as your monthly commitment increases. If you look at the table again, for the same Data allocation Maxis is considerably more expensive but you can’t deny that their coverage is so much superior compared to Digi.

But if you are aiming for the cheapest package, then i think just stick to your current telcos!

… and if that still doesn’t work for you, just get yourself a non-smartphone or a Blackberry.


  1. I like how you emphasized on the 3G coverage haha. Good job with the comparison. Like that sure traffic spike!:p

    1. yeah man, 3G is essential especially when i am expecting large documents :) traffic spike also once in a blue moon, lol :P

    1. hahaha ppl should buy to what they can afford not follow trend. as for blackberries, it’s meant to tease my friends who constantly promote them whenever i meet them :D

  2. both offer cheap packages
    digi offer the lowest rate package. cant deny that
    however, for more date and better package, maxis is cheaper
    u try to compare ivalue1 with idigi 138, u shoudnt compare it with idigi 88
    its totally different range,
    dun get tricked by products marketing by digi

    1. william you are right. as stated above, i only compared them like that because i was looking at the cheapest package and data allocation :)

    2. Hmm.. I don’t get it. Why do we have to compare with iValue 1 and iDigi138?
      Shouldn’t the digi plan comes cheaper if we’re talking about a 2 years contract?
      Please explain to me, quite puzzle about this planing to get one from maxis but just wanted to know the difference in that.

      1. he probably said that iValue 1 (RM100) should be compared with iDigi138 (RM93) as that’s the closest for both prices. so William is looking what he can actually get out of RM 100 a month.

        iValue 1 for iPhone 3Gs was different because it only had 500Mb for data. As for iPhone 4, it comes with 1Gb which is exactly the same as Digi’s iDigi 88. On top of that, both offer same rate for Calls and SMS once you have exceeded the given quota, 15cents/min and 10cents/sms.

        If you are going for a two year plan, Digi would save you RM 302. It’s not really that big of a difference once you have divided by 24 months. As for Maxis, you just have to worry if you receive shock-bills, if you exceed your data. They have now capped it to RM 250 and by request you can lower down the amount.

        Digi doesn’t have shock-bills but if you do exceed the data allocated, your speed will be capped to 128kbps. You will only pay extra on top of your monthly fee is when you exceeded your free 200mins call time.

        Just found out that MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is a pain in the neck. It takes 5 days to jump ship and then only you are allowed to sign for either of the plans.

  3. “…and if that still doesn’t work for you, just get yourself a non-smartphone or a Blackberry”
    errr.. don’t forget android phones too. I think Samsung Galaxy S for example, can equal if not beat Iphone4 hehe..

    1. i was actually mocking my friends who kept complaining it’s expensive :P

      yes androids and yes galaxy S is similar price and probably functionality wise too. i just can’t wait to get to try out the samsung galaxy tab.

    1. Ross! ola ola :P wait for this month, Jan 2011. I think Celcom could be announcing on iPhone soon. Probably by then other telcos could have more competitive plans. As of now, just stick with the current operator you have ;)