StarCruises: Board the Pisces for RM60!

I’ve always heard mum’s friends talk about their holidays on a cruises and every one of them told that it’s a must-go for any holiday goers. Usually the cheapest one would be the cruise to nowhere. Even with that, i have seen packages being priced more than RM 1500 for a short trip.

There’s a reason why you see majority of the passengers on cruise trips are usually the elderly.

However, did a promotion in Penang for a 2days 1night cruise to nowhere for a mere RM 60! (about 15-20USD). Of course that was good enough to convince me to try it out. RM60 would get you on the cruise but without any room, thus it’s known as standing package. For those who plan to play all night and don’t mind dozing on couches or even at the cinema could simply go for the standing package.

Angeline and i discussed and decided to go on a Friday evening, right after work. Not knowing if we could last through the night, we got ourselves the cheapest cabin which worked out to RM 120 per person. I made the reservation through phone (03-23021288) and was later asked to bank in the money via Maybank. I later faxed the slip to the lady who attended to me and within an hour or so i got my confirmation email. It was all very easy.

After work, we zoomed off to Swettenham Pier which is near the Penang Jetty for those who don’t know. We parked our car opposite the immigration office. The carpark attendant asked if we were boarding the cruise and we said Yes and asked why? He said it’s a flat rate of RM7 and it’s only for cruise goers. Knowing that the car would be in a safe spot, we walked towards the port and from a far we could see the huge Pisces. Of course comparing it to it’s fleet, it’s probably the smallest. But for a Penang fella like me, as long as it’s bigger than our ferries, it’s BIGGG :P

Those on Foursquare, don’t forget to check in here. I got my ‘I’m on a boat’ badge upon checking in :D

There were two separate lines; those who have paid and those who are walking in. Usually it’s not easy to walk in and be able to board, especially if it’s a weekend. Everything here was very systematic.

We were asked to surrender our ICs and in exchange we were given their StarCruises cards for identification. Once we have done that, we were ushered to board the Pisces.

As we entered, we used our StarCruises Card to gain access at the security checkpoint. We then got lost some how while trying to figure out where’s our room.

We finally found an information board that actually explained everything.

We walked and walked …

… and finally found the place.

For those who complained about how small First World rooms at Genting Highlands are, then you have to check this out. Hahaha. Of course here they try to minimize the space cause people rarely spend time in the rooms.

The washroom on Pisces.

The shower area.

Noticed the door opens till where? LOL. The tv is rather big in this small little room :D

… and our beds. All so cozy.

After settling down, we got explored the Pisces.

We went outside, on the deck of the Pisces and saw quite a number of people there. In fact there’s even a family who used some of the lazy chairs to get some shut eye. Probably they got themselves standing tickets thus having no room.

There’s also a swimming pool on the deck and free to be used until 10pm if i am not mistaken. I am not too sure if the pool is heated. The Pisces only disembarked about 8pm-ish. That’s why you can still some lights from the pier in some of the pictures.

After roaming around on the deck, we decided to go in and have our dinner. That alone was another treasure hunt, trying to locate the restaurant :P

On the way, we stumbled upon a showcase that showed the champagne bottle that was used to christened the Pisces.

We then asked a counter on where are we to have dinner and they directed us to the Mariners. Dinner and breakfast are included in the price, regardless if you are here on standing package or with a room.

As we entered, we were all greeted by the singing and dancing waiters and waitresses  of the Mariners hahaha. If memory serves me well, they were performing YMCA.

After dinner we continued exploring the Pisces. We went into the casino and played a few rounds of Roulette. Don’t expect the casino to be as big as the ones in Genting Highlands. In fact the mirrors used on the walls gave the illusion that it was big :P

We then left the casino and came across a Bingo session was about to start and was duped into joining it. All we had to do was buy the numbered papers and cross it as the numbers are picked at random.

Frankly this is one of the activities that is a must join if you ever board the Pisces! Really fun especially if you are as crazy as me where i got bought a few sheets of bingo paper. lol

The whole place was pack to the gills listening diligently as the numbers were called out.

After that session, we continued walking. We later realized there’s Karoake bar, a massage parlour, theater.

Before we head back to our room for some well deserved rest, i checked on google maps on our location. We were some where far up north penang, probably out of Malaysian water.

Left the tv on timer mode, so that i can watch something before dozing off. Oh yeah, if you realized i am on the upper bunker >.<!

We woke up at about 7am and quickly rushed for breakfast before the whole lot came in.

Admiral Suite, probably one of the most expensive rooms on the Pisces.

So as i stepped out to the deck, guess what happened?!

I fogged up my lense >.<!

Totally forgot not to leave it directly under the aircond outlet in the room. Had to wait for a good 10 minutes before the camera could get some decent pictures.

We could barely open of our eyes as the sun was crazily bright.

The Pisces finally docked back the Sweetenham Pier at 9am and we got back to our room to get our bags. Before leaving, we got back our ICs. All in all it was a great experience. I mean for the price we paid, i highly doubt such an offer would comeby anytime soon, unless we go for a second time.

So if you are interested, head over to StarCruises.Com or simply call them at +603-23021288