Terrorizing the jungle in a quad bike

Two months back i finally had the chance to ride an ATV. I always wanted to do so but doing it alone wouldn’t just cut it. A few years back I remembered how David was telling me about what happened to Khek Yang where the ATV landed on his body. He accidentally accelerated hard thus having a lift. Thankfully nothing serious happened.

When Nicolette asked if i wanna go for a spin, i answered YES!

The venue is behind our National Zoo and this is the closest i have came to the Zoo. Never been to it cause it was a bit too far from where i am staying.

I wasn’t sure if i was driving into the right road at first but later on the ATV signboards appeared. They are only visible once the road is far away from the Zoo.

I met up with Nicolette and her friend at a small stall by the road side in Kampung Kemensah between the Zoo and the ATV park for breakfast.

We lingered around a little longer as the both the Fairuz-es were no where to be seen. Knowing that time wasn’t on ourside, the three of us headed to the ATV park first. We passed by a few villages and the deeper we went in, the roads became narrower.

To get to the ATV Adventure Park, it was another 10 minutes drive into the jungle but fear not, the roads are mostly tarred.

We parked our cars by the roadside opposite the entrance of the ATV Adventure Park.

Both Fairuzs came not long after we parked the car and we were all then greeted by the owners of the ATV Adventure Park. They gave us a short introduction on how the place began and what are the services that were provided besides doing the usual ATV rides.

The 5 of us were just ecstatic and can’t wait to try out the ATVs.

There are 5 packages to choose from at ATV Adventure Park, starting at RM 50.

We were all given package B, which is worth RM 100 and it takes up 1 – 1 and half hours.

There’s a map that shows where will each package take you.

Before we were introduced to the ATV that we would be using, we had to sign the consent forms.

The Dos and the Don’ts of the ATV. We were shown how to change the gear a couple of times cause we were told that we would be doing that quite often.

A few ATVs were lined up in front of us for our picking. They all had different numbers and we all went for our favourite numbers.

After that, we had to go around their test track which is around their office three times for them to make sure we were ready to go into the jungle.

We had 2 guides with us, one led us from the front and the other monitored us from the back.

Half way through we stopped for a while to rest … to rest our butts from the vigorous shaking lol.

There was also a complimentary bottled water to quench our thirst.

We carried on for another 20 plus minutes before reaching the waterfall.

When we reached there, the rest took their shoes off and got into the river. I on the other hand being so lazy, just sat at the side and looked at the rest dip their feet into the water. I was just too comfy in my shoes lol

I never brought along my DSLR cause it’s a closed event, thus having a professional photographer to shoot us instead. But even with that, Fairuz did bring his Nikon >.<!

So i instead relied on my trusty iPhone 3Gs. This was probably the last hurrah of my 3Gs before it got sold.

After 30 minutes or so, we made our ways back to our ATVs and headed back to the office.

We did our checks on the ATV again before firing up the engines.

One thing i never had the chance to do was press on the honk button! What a waste! :P

Back to the base.

A few of us did some crazy poses with the ATV. Some pictures were barred from appearing on my blog T.T

While waiting for Nicolette to wrap up her task, i walked around exploring the place. ATV Adventure Park has now a new swimming pool for those who would like to cool down before leaving and it’s totally free.

It was really an adventure going through the jungle and i never knew of this place though it’s so nearby the city.

For more information:

ATV Adventure Park

4.8km from Zoo Negara Junction,

Kampung Kemensag,

Ulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur

Email: miza1010@yahoo.com

HP: +60193407895


  1. I did something similar to this atv tour in Mexico. I had so much fun that ever since I’ve been searching for a used quad on atvquadswap.com. Once I can find one for under $2000 in my area, I’ll be purchasing it. Do you ever dream of owning one?