Runway 101: The overview

I am gonna admit from the start that my pictures turned out terrible. Regretted for not shooting in RAW. So bear with me with my pictures. Some girls aren’t even in this blog entry of mine cause the photos aren’t flattering. Sorry ladies.

I arrived quite early at the venue and i filled up my time playing cut the rope until Aaron arrived. We both then bumped into Diese.

The event started slightly after 8pm with a hip hop dance routine.

When i was told who the judges were, i was literally awe struck. Mind you, Runway 101 is an event at the university level and here we have Amir Luqman (our local designer), Hans Isaac (Producer, Director, Actor), Andrea Fonseka (National Director of Miss Malaysia) and Andrew (Founder & CEO of Andrewsmodels).

That’s definitely a star-studded judging panel.

They were all introduced one by one and when it was Andrea’s turn, she stood up and waved like how all beauty queens do :)

Dennis who was incharge for both seasons of Runway 101 giving his speech just before the ladies worked the runway.

Shannon was the emcee of the night and she did an awesome job, though there were glitches. There are also times when there were awkward silence especially during the transitions. I wonder why the deejay didn’t do something like play some background music.

Speaking of deejays, the people running the coloured lights and spotlight should have done more with their equipment instead of the usual warm lights being shone on the girls.

For the first round, the girls came out in black spaghetti tops with jeans. I had trouble shooting some of the girls cause they didn’t know what they were suppose to do at the end of the runway, which is to stop and pose. Some actually barely made a stop, they basically U-turned immediately at the end of the runway.

It was quite frustrating and i thought probably they are all nervous and the 2nd and 3rd rounds would be better. I was wrong. Probably the nerves got to them.

Judges evaluate the girls every round. Besides crowning the winner for Runway 101, there’s also the most photogenic as well as audience’s favourite. So even we as the audience had the chance to practice our rights as a voter :P

For the 2nd and 3rd round, the girls appeared in Amir Luqman’s and Oscar Design’s dresses. Some girls had a hard time walking down the runway in those dresses. It was definitely nail biting, thinking some of the girls were gonna tumble anytime. Certain dresses just looked slightly bigger than the girls. What ever it is, i could see the girls were really trying to make it work. Some did try even harder but it just didn’t suit them. The lucky ones had their dresses on flawlessly.

Note for the future Runway 101, make sure the girls can walk. It’s called Runway 101 for a reason. Don’t forget to perform a full rehearsals before the show cause it was visible that most of them were lost.

add-on: i was told that the venue had no electricity prior to the event and that it was hard perform a proper rehearsal.

After the girls had flaunt all dresses, it was the committee’s turn to take the stage. I can tell you that some of the girls on the committee could have easily participated in the show. Some could even walk well and strike a pose. I also had the chance to meet Jeremy who is a classmate of Dennis and also the main photographer for Runway 101.

The highlight of the night was definitely this moment. Dennis presented a mock cheque to Mercy Malaysia which has a total of RM 5500 from Runway 101 itself. A few minutes after that, the emcee was interrupted and she announced that Hans Isaac just doubled the amount on his account which made the total amount to Mercy Malaysia, RM 11000 !!!

Miko won the Most Photogenic during the photoshoot.

Melanie won the Audience’s Choice award.

… and the winner of Runway 101, who will walk away with RM1000 cash, Amir Luqman’s cash voucher worth RM2500, Free Profile Shooting Package worth RM650 & Gift Voucher worth RM129 by Crocs, is …

… Symren. This was the only time when one of the girls stood and pose at the end of the runway.

The judges were then presented with a gift of appreciation.

Check out Amir Luqman’s heels! He actually mentioned during the show regarding how some girls are struggling with heels even shorter than his. Malu only lol.

All in all, the committee members must have had worked their asses off to prepare for this night. From Food to Sound System, from Seatings to Votings. All done very well professionally even with a few shortcomings from external factors.

Well done, Dennis ;)


  1. if your dslr works like how it supposed to when you shot for MDG, then the pictures all would be flawless. :)

    nevertheless, it’s a good coverage. :)