The World Premier Screening of Enthiran by TGV Cinemas

This is the first time i am attending for a premier of a Tamil movie, in fact i think it’s a world premier since the chosen ones are watching it a day earlier than the rest of the world. This was made possible by TGV Cinemas.

I have heard a lot about this movie ever since the songs were released (composed by A.R. Rahman) and it’s leading actor and actress were Super Star Rajnikanth and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai!

We all met up at Starbucks for a meet and greet session. Here’s where i met up with Saravanan, Rames, Puva, Selian, Harinder and also some of the TGV’s representatives. Coffee and pastry were on the house and it was nice to see how everyone has been anticipating for this movie.

Realizing that, i thought why don’t i just post up a photo of the ticket i got. I got quite a number of replies and emails on how in the world did i get it. Well it was all thanks to Harinder :D

After a while, TGV’s new CEO, Kenny Wong (@kennywong) joined us. Sorry Kenny, i don’t have a better shot of you and thank you so much for the invites! Kenny was telling how the print for this movie only arrived last minute and the amount of work that had to go into distributing it around in time.

We also met up with one of the programmers for TGV and he was saying they were working all around the clock to satisfy the demand from all outlets. Tickets were all snapped up for this week in fact and some customers were willing to pay a staggering RM 100 !

We then adjourned to the cinemas and that’s where i realized quite a number of celebrities were there as well.

Especially him !

Super Star Rajnikanth spotted in the cinema watching the World Premier of Enthiran!

Or probably it’s only a big big fan who dressed up like him. Wonder how did he watch the movie with his glasses but like everyone seated around me said, if you wear your sunglasses like Rajni then anything can happen! HAhahahahaha :D

We had complimentary Popcorn and Coke prepared on our seats as we settled down.

I am not gonna say anything about the movie except that,

… Aishwarya Rai is super hawt!

In terms of Indian cinema, i would say this movie is definitely worth the wait. I finally clicked well with the songs after watching it on cinema. Love the cinematography!

The 2nd half of the movie was little bit lengthy for me but all in all, it’s one movie that you have to watch ! Director Shankar definitely made good use of Rajnikanth. And i also like how they slit jokes here and there. Really cracked me up!

My rating for this movie is 8/10!