2011 starts off with a bang, literally

The final week of 2010 was probably one of the best final weeks of the year i had so far. Started off with the AFF Suzuki Cup where Malaysia met Indonesia in the finals. Putting the stupid laser beams aside, i can easily say it was the one time where everyone in Malaysia was one, united. No race, no religion but Malaysian instead. It even came to a point when i was packing food and the fella manning the store asked …

“You are Malaysian?”

I was like in a state of shock cause finally, finally someone asked the right question and not the usual, what are you? what race, bla bla bla. This fella is actually an ardent fan of the Malaysian football team and he was giving extra chicken to his fellow countrymen. HAhahaha nice gesture.

My room mate’s cousin was getting married and i was invited to witness and also photograph the ceremony as i haven’t been to a Punjabi wedding before. Honestly speaking, it was damn nice and colourful!

The Punjabi community are very closely knitted and i had the chance to see that first hand. What left me in awe was how close were they to their Chinese neighbour! There’s a part of the pre-wedding where the ladies would dance around with one of them dressed up as a bridegroom and bride. I followed the group as they danced around the guest but they suddenly danced towards their neighbour’s house and i was baffled.

The owner of the house actually opened her doors and invited all of them to dance in their hall !!!!

I have never seen anything like that and just had to record it !

Neighbour also started dancing :D There’s always a first for everything.

Finally on New Year’s eve, i was invited to celebrate New Year with my cousins and nephew/nieces. I was forced to gulp down wine and beer though i never liked both. But over the years of attending family functions, i have slowly learned to drink beer -_-! Would definitely go for sparkling juice anytime but that would not look good especially when you are forced to mingle with your boss and colleagues in future; social drinking. So which better place to learn to increase your tolerance level for alcohol if it isn’t your cousin’s house.

About 1am plus we called it a day. One the way back i was stopped twice at the police roadblock asking for my nationality -_-! The moment i replied in Bahasa, i was given the hand signal to move on :)

On New Year’s morning i went to temple as how i would do with my family in Penang. On the way back, while driving on the Bukit Jalil Highway, a car cuts right in front of me … on a highway …. and he suddenly slams the brakes.



    1. avast thingy? as in your avast triggers you?

      hahaha the sentence has double meaning actually. so if i put literally means you already know what happened :P besides that, 2011 did start off with a bang, a lot of +ve event too :D