Harimau Malaya confused with my iPhone case

I had the chance to attend the meet and greet session with the Malaysian football team aka Harimau Malaya thanks to Nike Malaysia. The event was held in-conjunction with the team’s effort of winning the recent AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 where they were against Indonesia in the 2 legged finals.

As i have written in my previous entry, it was one of those moments where the whole country stood still and cheered for Harimau Malaya.

Adrian followed me as he is an ardent fan of Malaysian football, where else i follow updates off and on whenever i read the papers.

Before coming for the event, Adrian asked what i was wearing cause initial plans were i wore my Man Utd jersey and he wore his Liverpool as that night we planned to watch the FA Cup match anyway. Fortunately, i told him i am wearing a normal Nike jersey and he ended up wearing Barcelona’s jersey.

Why did i say fortunately?

This being a Nike event, it’s obvious that the attendees should at least refrain from wearing competitors outfit, hahaha. In fact they did announce that anyone with Adidas shirt won’t be allowed for the meet and greet session.

Nike Malaysia actually had limited stock of the Harimau Malaya’s jersey during the event. As i know most shops in KL have already sold out.

Fans waiting eagerly for the event to start. Adrian and i were just too busy ….

… eating.

We actually lunch at Wong Kok prior to this event. What a waste. If not we would have stuffed ourselves with the buffet.

K. Rajagobal, the coach of the Malaysian football team observing the upcoming players that could one day play for the Harimau Malaya.

One of the highlights of the event is actually having the chance to see the Ultras Malaya. They are so passionate about the national football team that they have came out with a number of chants.

This is them chanting thank you K. Rajagobal, LOL. Quite catchy. More videos at the end of the post.

The exhibition futsal match consisted of the current squad players with upcoming players. In between the game, the coach himself took to the field and showed a thing or two to the youngsters.

It was then followed by a press conference where Nike Malaysia said it was going to extend it’s contract with the national football team. Good news i guess since the jerseys have been quite a head turner especially with the new design.

It’s only the price that is still stopping me from buying. Not everyone can afford a RM 249 jersey :(

We were then all ushered to the next futsal court where we had the chance to finally meet and greet the coaches and players.

We all had to make a line and only 2 at a time were allowed to go at any point of time.

It was at this point where i realized why the players were confused when i was trying to snap a photo. A lady actually came up to me, not sure if she was one of their spouses or PR personal and asked about my cassette.

Yes my cassette.

She thought i was trying to pull some prank on the players by asking them to pose for my cassette, HAHAHAHA. Have to thank April for this.

I then showed her that it’s my iPhone and she was like OMG i need to get this casing as well!

Hahahaha so there you have it, i confused the Malaysian Football team because of my iPhone case. The fellas are definitely friendly and so were the coaches!

I even joked to Mr. Rajagobal and Mr. Cheng Hoe when Adrian was trembling while taking my photo with them, LOL.

Adrian, thanks for the ride!

Here are the remaining videos of the Ultras Malaya doing their chants