Philippines Day 2: Plan B

On the way to the airport, i sensed that i should be prepared with plan B as the possibility of missing the flight was almost inevitable.

A few months before, Angeline and i mapped out the roads that would lead us up to northern Luzon and checked if it’s possible reaching there without the plane. The reason why we had to map out the roads was because if you do a quick google map check, there isn’t a proper route. So we had manually check and if buses were going to the Vigan or even Laoag City from Manila.

The answer was YES.

Thus plan B was initiated. Plan B as backup and B as for … BUS.

Partas Bus to be exact.

*Some requested for a map to show where we were heading and so here it is. We are stuck in Manila where we missed our flight to Laoag City which at the far north. So plan B is to take a bus to Vigan City first before continuing by van to Laoag City.

Having taken a grueling bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap with chickens hung upside down by the passenger beside me through out the 10 hour journey, i was more prepared for anything LOL.

When Hannah told us that the flight was already on the runway, i looked at everyone to see what was their reaction and surprisingly all looked rather calm. I was ‘used’ to getting sticks in previous trips but probably this time around i was with the right people onboard.

Angeline and I then told the whole group that we have to initiate plan B if we were to keep up with the time lost.

Emily said,” Bus?! Woahhh like Cambodia?”.

We had less than 2 hours to get to the Partas bus station and also have dinner. We refreshed ourselves at the airport’s washroom before taking taxis to the bus station. There we bought the tickets and had dinner while waiting.

I asked around if i could charge my iPhone while having my dinner and i was asked to pay RM 2 for the service >.<! I didn’t really complain as i really needed it to be fully charged.

The time came and upon boarding the bus, the first thing that i realized was the blaring 80s music being played. It was in fact the only music being played throughout the whole journey. So far nothing has beaten the movie shown in the bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap where the martial arts were based on basketball moves.

By taking the bus we would move from Manila to Vigan and then followed by Laoag City.

Just like Malaysia, the bus eventually stopped out of nowhere for us to get something to bite and also to use the washroom.

I checked the map and realized we were nearby a town called Villasis. Not to sure if it has anything to do with Hannah since her name is Hannah Villasis :P

The journey to Vigan continued.

We arrived at about 7 something in the morning, local time. Hannah then got us a few motor-tricycles to bring us to our hotel, Salcedo de Vigan. We were actually suppose to spend a night here but because of the missed flight, we only had a few hours in Vigan. It wasn’t a problem with our itinerary but i could see some were already floating.

The moment we arrived the staffs welcomed us and immediately showed us to our dormitory. I called them the night before telling them we missed the flight and would be arriving late. I felt bad as they have actually sent 2 vans to pick us up from the airport. Even with all the staffs were very friendly.

I finally met with the person whom i was emailing regarding our accommodation, Kaye!

I asked the receptionist who was Kaye cause i honestly didn’t know if i was meeting a lady or a man. She then said,” Oh Miss Kaye will meet with you later.”

“Ohhh Miss Kaye. Hahah ok ;)”, i replied, LOL.

All of us took turns to wash up as for the rest who were waiting, totally knocked out on their beds.

We rested for like 2 hours before slowly moving our butts out of bed to have the complimentary breakfast. Everyone looked groggy.

We were staying at the highest floor and had to walk down 4 flights of stairs. Salcedo de Vigan has beautiful interior which was probably preserved from the Spanish times which was good cause it gives that old feel.

Some of us just couldn’t stop exploring the whole hotel. Had we had more time, we probably would have camwhored everywhere.

Before heading for breakfast, i finally met Miss Kaye and made the final payments for our room as well as the Kalesa rides (horse rides) that we were about to take right after breakfast.

For breakfast i had garlic rice with scrambled egg and pork sausages.

The receptionist then signaled that the Kalesa rides were ready and we all wrapped up our breakfast and headed outside.

Vigan is actually a town which is sort of stuck in a time capsule and tries to maintain their Spanish heritage which is beautiful and interesting. The roads itself aren’t the usual tar but slabs of stones instead.

We were shown around town and i can remember how the locals were looking at us. Probably because the rest of the town were on wheels and we on the other hand were moving around with manual power.

One carriage had like 3 of us in it …. depending on the body size. Some manage to squeeze in 4. One of the first stops was at the main Vigan gate (picture above). The kalesas stopped right in the middle of the road for us to take photos.

Super ganas to the max.


    1. aaron cause we have gone together in cambodia. was more worried for the new ppl who followed us. wasn’t too sure if they were up for it lol